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    Default EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: David Finch Covers "Vampirella Strikes"

    David Finch joins an all-star lineup of artists providing covers to kick off Tom Snjegoski and Johnny D.'s "Vampirella Strikes" miniseries from Dynamite Entertainment. CBR has an exclusive first look at the cover.

    Full article here.

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    David Finch is my all-time favorite artist and I can't wait to see this when I'm holding it live, I'm glad he's doing something with Dynamite and I hope he sticks around to do more covers for them and maybe even some interiors someday. Oddly enough I have the feeling that this cover is something he's done a while ago (like the Turner one) and this is a one time thing, but one can hope....

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    I was hoping that we would get more story facts in the article. I am a newer Vampirella fan and have really enjoyed the current ongoing. I will probably get on board if the story is decent. The character has a lot to work with and Dynamite has done a good job of teasing out just enough of her past and current status to keep the stories going and keeping her mysterious.
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    It's just not screaming "Vampirella" if she's not visibly wearing the little red swimsuit-thingee.
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