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    Default Is Superboy still a part of the Teen Titans?

    From the preview art shown of the Teen Titans Death of the Family tie-in issues, I don't see Superboy at all! Is this a temporary removal while he deals with H'el on Earth? Am I just missing something? Or is he permanently off the team? I'd hope not. They've done a great job managing the continuity of when he appeared in each comic this month, so maybe they're slowing him down to just Superman appearances for now.

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    He might not be front and center in the titans book during the crossover,but he is in the superfamily crossover,and he is in ravagers and legion lost,so he is gonna be in a lot of places.

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    No, hes involved in the supers crossover at the same time. The newest issue of superboy addressed this on the last page.


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