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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixie_Solanas View Post
    Why didn't Scott end his CCTV manifesto with a rousing "OUTTIE 5000!"??? He had the goofy x-arm gesture all ready and everything.
    lol, that was brilliant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by infinitywatch View Post

    I am a noob to the boards and wanted to discuss a particular part of dialog from All New X-Men #1. If I am not following proper protocol I apologize in advance.

    Did anyone else find it contradictory when Storm said she would not participate in mutant civil war? In the early years of the x-books, before the mutant gene explosion she and the other x-men seemed to be eternally locked against rogue mutant elements. Any mutant who opposed Xavier's vision or threatened human life had to contend with the x-men. They were essentially fighting a mutant civil war. Why is it different now that Scott is leading a group with a divergent mission? I appreciate your thoughts and opinions.
    It's a world after M-Day and the Phoenix 5. Things are different.
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