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I think a lot of the impact of this issue was lost thanks to the fact that most of it had been spoiled by the time I read it. I'm glad that Waid actually knows that just because Tony and Bruce are BFFs in the Cinematic Universe, doesn't mean they are in the 616. It actually makes me like Banner more than I usually do, realizing that there is more he can do than just act as Hulk's jailer. (There still is some resentment there though, not admitting Hulk's done far more good than bad.) I do think that we will start getting into the Hulk's head a little more somewhere down the line, Waid just wants the focus on Banner right now.

This issue leaves me wanting to know and read more.
I hope your right about Waid getting into the Hulk's head later on. For now he took the cannon part literal, and used the Hulk as such. Though for arguments sake for most of the Aaron run was done in the Hulk's head, so maybe it was time to get Banner's perspective on things (which I enjoyed). I guess next time avoid interviews or previews, the issue was definitely solid and left you wanting to know what's up next. After the Pak run, Banner/Hulk dynamic attracts more readers when he they are more heroic and less pathos.

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The thing that gets me is just who exactly is the person who will release the SHIELD info if not constantly updated?
Could be Amadeus Cho, Rick, Steve Rogers, Silver Surfer, or even Dr. Strange. The list is a very small one for sure.