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Thread: Fringe Reborn

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    Well, that is the way the Science Channel is promoting it. So the thread title is accurate when referring to the Science Channels broadcasting of the series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockyBanks View Post

    The Science Channel has obtained syndication rights to Fringe, and will re-air all five seasons between tomorrow (20 November) and the series finale in January. Entertainment Weekly has dubbed it "The Great Fringe Rewatch".

    Seems like a great opportunity for a lapsed fan like me to jump back onto the wagon. I'll need to watch 'em as fast as I record 'em, though, because all 100 episodes are airing in rapid succession, and I've only got so much space on my DVR...

    Anyone else here taking advantage of this?
    I would hope that they do marathon airings on the weekends because I'm always asleep when it's on (I work nights), and I don't own a DVR as of yet.
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