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    Default Comixo's Twelve Days of Giving

    Didn't see anything else about this, but if I missed it, I apologize. I figured I would post to make sure people know that on Comixology's site, they are giving away one free comic a day for twelve days, having started on the 7th. Just saw it today, but the books previously offered were:
    -the 7th, X-MEn VS. Avengers #0
    -the 8th, Avengers Assemble #1
    -the 9th, Green Lantern #1
    -today, the 10th, they are offering Grant Morrison's Action Comics #1.

    The days go through til the 18th, just so everybody knows.

    EDIT: It should be Comixology's, not Comixo's. If an moderator could fix that, it would be much appreciated.
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    It's important to note that these free comics need to be purchased through the comiXology website. The regular prices are listed for these issues through the app.

    Using an iPad, I needed to connect to the webstore using a browser other than Safari, because it links directly to the app, where the issue are not free. After "buying" the free issues through the comiXology webstore, the issues were available for download in the "purchases" section of the comiXology app.


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