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    Default The Ultimate Universe is easily as good as DC's New 52

    I grew up on Marvel mid-70's through early 90's, and I dropped comics altogether for a good 15 yrs as for the most part there just didn't seem to me to be anything NEW to be told. Everything felt so repeated and stale. I lightly dabbed into the Ultimate Universe when it first came about but wasn't really all that impressed. But then Peter Parker died and I became aware of the "no one will come back from the dead" rule for the UU, I gave Miles Morales a shot and REALLY liked the title.

    At the same time I started with the New 52 with DC mainly to see the return of Batgirl, and the titles I've kept with seem to have fresh spins on old titles, primarily Earth 2 which has been AMAZING because it's it's own world where ANYTHING can happen.

    Similar too is the Ultimate Universe which now seems like it's OWN world, where changes to the status-quo don't just vanish an issue later but rather have longterm repercussions. Case in point The Ultimates. Miles' book with it's clever insertion of Capt. America got me piqued to try out Ultimates in it's current incarnation and again like the New 52 with DC, I'm LIKING this world where everything can be a game changer with lasting effects.

    With the DWF-UWS crossover I've decided to even try the Ultimate X-book when the collected HC comes out and will give it a try now starting with #19. And that's saying a lot to the strength of the Ultimate line as I simply cannot stand ANY of the main 616 X-books due to all the convoluted plots and characterization occurring over there. Previously and what has been turning me OFF from the main 616 Marvel Universe is it's BACK BREAKING amounts of incredibly convoluted continuity. As opposed to clearing things up with their new Marvel NOW gimmick, the Marvel 616 comics look worse than EVER in how incredibly confusing they all are.

    But the Ultimate line as well as DC's New 52 have been fresh and straight forward reader friendly jumping on books that are both straight forward in their story telling but also have progressive story telling with game changing events.

    Just wanted to say that Marvel has created a new Ultimate line fan first with Morales' creation, but the DWF-UWS crossover event has pulled me into the universe proper, and just as with DC's New 52, I look forward to future stories set in the UU line of books!
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    I recommend picking up up some of the older Ultimate tiles. They are as good or even better than the current books.

    Some must reads are Ultimate 1 and 2 and the old Ultimate Spider-Man series.

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    I am loving the Ultimate Universe right now. I love Batman and Wonder Woman in DC's new 52, and I love a handful of 616 Marvel books, but as far as my favorite "universe" as a whole, Ultimate Marvel takes the cake.


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