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    One of my favorite things to do as a comic reader is to dig through dollar and 25 cent bins when I come across them at stores. I'm not looking for anything in good condition, I'm not looking for particular runs of anything. I'm just looking for some rainy day reading material. I use this as a way to read 80s DC, Captain America, Avengers and Daredevil. Sometimes I'll really luck into a whole run of a book in fairly good condition. I once found a mostly intact run of Robinson's Starman in the dollar bin at a local Half Price. It's always a great adventure and sometimes you find some really good stuff.

    Today I stopped in at the local Half Price and grabbed the following:

    Legion of Super-Heroes #17 (85 series)
    Justice League International #9, 14 and 17 because I'm a sucker for this series
    Justice League Europe #2-7
    Daredevil #225, 237 and 246 I admit I bought these issues because the Vulture, Klaw and Chance were on the covers as being the villains, I love C list Marvel villains.

    What are some good discoveries that you guys have made in the cheap bins. Do you have series you search out in there?

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    I found a bagged copy of Amazing Spider-Man 29 (second series) which came with a cd in a 'dollar bin.' I remembered seeing it on eBay for $64.00 so I bought it. I never opened it and have it almost 10 years. I'm not sure the dealer knew it was going for such a high price at the time, but it was part of his unsold stock of new issues that he wanted to offload cheap.
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    Excellent comics that often turn up in dollar/quarter bins:

    Wildstorm Spotlight: Majestic (One-Shot): Alan Moore using WS's Superman analog to tell another "Last Superman story" with the last superhero raging alone against a freezing, dying, cold universe at the very end of time untold billions of years in the future. I love stories where writers point out Superman's real greatest power: The fact that he DOES. NOT. GIVE. UP. EVER. A hidden gem of Moore's career.

    The Joe Landsdale Lone Ranger and Tonto mini-series from Topps. Pure pulpy fun.

    Moore's 1963. Image must have really overprinted on this one or something, as copies of it still pop up cheap in dollar stores and other unexpected places almost two decades later.

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    4 local shops are going to have ten cent comics for black friday. i'm hoping to find some good stuff.

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    I usually go straight to the dollar bin when I go in a comic shop. I don't care too much about condition and I like oddball older stuff, so my favorites often end up there anyway. Saturday I went to Cavalier Comics in Wise, Va. and spent $50 on 50 comics, including some long runs of Avengers and Marvel Comics Presents and a bunch of Sensational She-Hulks. Good ones to look for are:

    Suicide Squad
    The Heckler
    Now, First, Eclipe, and Pacific Comics, especially Whisper, Nexus and Badger and the first three issues of Vanguard Illustrated that Freakwave appeared in
    House of Mystery featuring I Vampire...
    Elvira's House of Mystery
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    None of the comics stores near me have dollar bins. And I don't even know where the closest used book store is, so many have closed.
    Anyway, it is cool for you to acquire acrimony of crumbling time on blast this website.
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    You should see if Half Price Books has a store close to you. They can be a potential goldmine.

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    In City Of Industry in California there's sport card and comic book show called Frank & Sons of which I go every Saturday and I've amassed quite a good collection in their discount bins

    - Classic X-Men (reprint series)
    - Superman post-Crisis comics (Action, Adventure, Superman) I managed to get the whole Reign Of Superman issues this way
    - lots of Image Youngblood, Wildcats, Savage Dragon (I have these just to chuckle at the horrible artwork)
    - Saga Of The Swamp Thing and Roots Of Swamp Thing (Len Wein/Bernie Wrightson)

    and plus the dealers there have all their hardcovers and TPB's at half price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadDog1981 View Post
    You should see if Half Price Books has a store close to you. They can be a potential goldmine.
    I love Half Price Books. Especially their clearance section, where you can get TPBs for as little as a dollar or two. Sometimes the stuff in the clearance section is the same stuff as what's on the half price shelf, too, if they have an extra copy, so it's worth checking first.


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