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    Default Ultimate Comics Ultimates #18 SPOILERS

    I'll give this a try:

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    -The Ultimates defeated all the bad guys! The USA is whole and happy! The story is taking its time explaining Cap's great escape from Thor but details are being televised along with the parade. Cap is oddly unhappy and Spider-man Peter Parker asks why... Peter Parker?!
    -Cap snaps out of it which counts as a good showing against The Mind Gem.
    -Thor is about to kill Cap at Modi's command which still feels dire.
    -The Ultimates are clearly still outgunned vs Hydra. Maybe a hero will actually fall here? That would be significant. Hawkeye is at gunpoint. Widow is going down with the Helicarrier. Exciting danger.
    -Cap fight Thor hand to hand. Impressive effort but Thor wins. Cap gets in Thor's head by cliche strength of character.
    -Thor wavers. Cap slings shield at Gem destroying it and fixes everything like Dorothy destroying the Wicked Witch.
    -Iron Man saves Hawkeye. Cassie saves the Helicarrier crew with a Hail Mary play.
    -Remaining True Hydra is clearly outgunned by Ultimates. Too bad Falcon and Sue only show up for cameo charge.
    -Thor takes care of Modi... WOW. Like that?! Wow.
    -Cap demonstrates he may be the bravest President ever by giving a terrorist bozo one free shot as his assassination target to prove who is Right. Cap will obviously survive with that determination... "I THOUGHT SO".
    -The day after, Thor broods, Tony praises, Cap refuses a ticker tape parade. Who doesn't like a parade? Oh well, if not happy it's still an ending forthe Event except for details in Miles next ish.
    -An odd open ending hinting at a cosmic threat that more UU verse readers might recognize.

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    There is already a topic on this.

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    Damn. I searched and missed it. Sorry. Maybe this can be tagged on? I can't seem to delete it.

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    No worries, everyone does it at some point. Plawsky will have to do any moving/deleting himself.


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