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    Anybody else on here have a Marvel sub? Have you been experiencing delays receiving your issues? Or is everyone on here going to a LCS?

    I ask because I am experiencing 3 weeks out from release. Before Marvel let Midtown Comics take over, I was getting it about 7 days after release. My only sub is to Amazing Spider-Man, I actually received #695 before #694 a couple of weeks ago.

    Also, if this topic has already been posted, I apologize. I am new here.

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    I subscribe to some of my books, especially $3.99 titles. The average delay is about 2 weeks, as it was before Midtown took over. I really prefer my LCS for $2.99 titles, since the subscription isn't that much of a discount.
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    I just use semi-sub or digital. With my online store I get 5p off (it adds up to a fairly good saving believe it or not) and free shipping. I also get a variety of variants to order, I've heard horrors about ordering from publishers themselves.
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    I too have noticed a change since Midtown took over: Before they took over it averaged two weeks from the Wednesday release date. Now it's a minimum of three weeks (if not four) before my subs arrive. But they DO fine condition. So if you don't mind the wait, direct subs still seem to be the best deal (25% to 40% off cover price).

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    I quit subbing to Marvel when I started getting comics coming in looking like total shit. It's good to hear that they ship out unscathed but that wait time after the store gets them is crazy.


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