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    Default Do the Avengers have their power bases covered?

    I was looking for the thread that updated the various Avengers rosters, couldn't find it, but did find the thread on Hickman's large roster. In it, a poster suggested that the line-up might not have a good array of powers.

    So I began to wonder what is the span of powersets and if the Avengers have them covered.

    Tank - Super-strength and durability. Or should they be seperate?
    Size manipulation - the ability to grow or shrink in size. Again, should they be seperate?
    Flight -
    Energy Projection - the ability to produce and manipulate "energy".
    Heat - a subset ability that may belong to an energy projector
    Cold - the other subset ability that may belong to an energy projector
    Weather manipulation - Is this important and unique enough to be considered it's own power?
    Telekinetic -
    Magnetism - Again, is this unique enough to be considered different from telekinesis?
    Matter "Warping" - the ability to transform or twist matter from one form to another. Got the idea of this from Sleepwalker's "warp gaze".
    Telepathy -
    Tech - Science and brain power.
    Artificial Intelligence - Are our robot brothers important and unique enough to include their superior intellect and calculating powers as something seperate? How about Cyborgs?
    Healing - the ability to heal oneself or others. Healing oneself seems irrelevant if you had durability so maybe there's some overlap here.
    Morph - the ability to transform ones shape and/or appearance.
    Invisibility - the ability to turn oneself or others invisible. Should this include the ability to make one undetectable to other things besides sight as well? Like heat signature and what not.
    Phasing - the ability to phase through solid matter.
    Teleport -
    Speed -
    Environmental survival - Not sure what to call this, but the ability to survive and navigate extreme environments like space and underwater.
    Syphon - the ability to borrow/steal other powers.
    Fight - the basic skills of combat
    Magic - the all-encompasing and very flexible "magic powers".

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    For Hickman's team, I'm going off this list of 18 and my somewhat limited knowledge of their powers:

    Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye
    Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Falcon, Shang-Chi
    Cannonball, Sunspot, Manifold, Hyperion, Smasher, Captain Universe

    Tank is covered many times over
    No Size Manipulation
    Flight is covered
    Energy Projection - Iron Man's repulsors, Thor can bring down the lightning, do Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman have blast abilities, Sunspot, Captain Universe I'm not sure about
    Heat - Sunspot
    No Cold powers
    Weather Manipulation - Thor has this, correct?
    Telekinetic - doesn't seem to be one, maybe Captain Universe's cosmic powers include something basically similar to this.
    Magnetism - Maybe Captain Universe
    Matter "Warping" - Again, possibly Captain Universe. Not sure exactly what the powers of the universe entail.
    Telepathy - I don't see one.
    Tech - Iron Man has the big brain and souped up suit of armor.
    A.I. - No robots.
    Healing - This is kind of a rare power it seems and isn't represented here.
    Morph - Not seeing one.
    Invisibility - Not seeing one.
    Phasing - Not seeing one unless the constant X-factor, Captain Universe, has this or something similar.
    Teleport - Manifold
    Speed - Some of the flying bricks have superspeed, right? Hyperion, Captain Marvel, etc.
    Environmental Survival - I think Thor can survive space, right? I imagine Captain Universe as well. Not sure about underwater.
    Syphon - Another rare power.
    Fight - Cap, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Wolverine, Shang-Chi, etc. Covered.
    Magic - Nope.

    So I'm not seeing a rep for Size Manipulation, Cold, Telekinetic, Magnetism, Matter "Warping", Telepathy, A.I., Healing, Morph, Invisibility, Phasing, Syphon, and Magic.

    Depending on what Captain Universe can do. Adding Vision would cover A.I., Invisibility, and Phasing I believe.

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    As recently as The Mighty Thor #17 or 18 I think (the Everything Burns prologue issue) Thor called down snow from the heavens trying to put out the fire in the opening scene. Being the master of weather manipulation, he has "Cold" powers. In fact, the powers that Thor has enjoyed thanks to Mjolnir are considered "magic" powers. Not to mention Thor is the most skilled Asgardian warrior so you can include him in "Fight."

    As for healing, do you mean the ability to heal others? If not then both Wolverine and Hulk are super-fast healers.
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