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    Default Mandy's Tournament - Rules Discussion & Draft Thread

    AJ Valliant (100/100)

    Black Panther (Marvel) 3
    Brook (One Piece) 4
    Darwin (Marvel) 5
    Hydro-Man (Marvel) 5
    Invisible Woman (Marvel) 6
    Karnak (Marvel) 5
    Roronoa Zoro (One Piece) 6
    Shadowcat (Marvel) 5

    Cat Cat Fruit: Leopard Model (One Piece) 5
    Glaive (Krull) 3
    Kymellian Power Blessing: Energy (Marvel) 6
    Megingjord (Marvel) 5
    Molecular Infusion of Adamantium (Marvel) 3
    Muramasa Blade (Marvel) 5
    Oscillation Jacket (Marvel) 5
    Rabbit Talisman (Jackie Chan Adventures) 6
    Spellstone, The (Masters of the Universe) 5
    Symbiote, Venom (Marvel) 5
    TF-Gun (El Goonish Shive) 5
    T Spheres, 4 (DC) 3
    Zero Metal Melee Weapon of Choice (Original Item) 5 - Katana

    Bobisbeast (100/100)

    Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender) 6
    Deadman (DC) 4
    Dementor (Harry Potter) 4
    Diablo (Marvel) 5
    Hiro Nakamura (Heroes) 6
    Nightcrawler (Marvel) 4
    Purple Man (Marvel) 5

    Annabeth's Cap (Percy Jackson) 3
    Banshee (Marvel) 6
    Exposure to Gamma Radiation, Leader Edition (Marvel) 4
    Kymellian Power Blessing: Acceleration (Marvel) 3
    La Magra Transformation (Blade I) 5
    Lindsey's Runic Tattoos (Buffyverse) 5
    Moby Morpher (Xiaolin Showdown) 5
    Muur Talisman (Star Wars) 4
    Noor Stone - Baeth (The 99) 5
    Potara Earring, One (DBZ) 5
    Potara Earring, Another (DBZ) 5
    Sword, The (The Sword) 5
    Symbiote, Toxin (Marvel) 6
    Vampirism Infection (Marvel) 5

    Dalak (100/100)

    Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter) 6
    Dr. McNinja (Dr McNinja) 4
    Gogo (Final Fantasy 6) 6
    Psynapse (Marvel) 4
    Ranma Saotome (Ranma 1/2) 6
    Surprise (Xanth) 5

    Adamantium Gloves (Marvel) 2
    Atoniek Armband (Stargate SG-1) 4
    Beta Suit w/ infinite suit energy (Timeshift) 5
    Boost, The (Deathstalker Novels) 4
    Bombarded with Norma Rays (Darkwing Duck) 5
    Cloak of Destiny (DC) 4
    Fusion Dance, Knowledge of the (DBZ) 4
    Instant Transmission Training (DBZ/GT) 4
    Magicite - Seraphim (Final Fantasy 6) 6
    Nintendo Light Zapper and Power Pad (Captain N the Game Master) 4
    Noor Stone - Batina (The 99) 5
    One Ring, The (Lord of the Rings) 5
    Space Worms, Infestation (Futurama) 4
    Super Soldier Serum (Ultimate Marvel) 4
    Thinking Cap (DC) 4
    Zero Metal Copy of Dr. McNinja's Sword (Original Item) 5

    KJ Stewart (100/100)

    Doctor, The (Whoniverse) 4
    Madame Xanadu (DC) 2
    Mr. Fantastic (Marvel) 4
    Raven (DC) 6
    Synch (Marvel) 5
    Tempo (Marvel) 6
    Wrecker (Dirk Garthwaite) (Marvel) 6
    Xavin (Marvel) 6

    Accidental Absorption of Lightning Beast Energies (DC) 4
    Batman Suit (Batman Beyond) 4
    Cable's Psi-Matar (Marvel) 5
    Cloak Of Levitation (Marvel) 4
    Darksoul Tattoo (Marvel) 5
    Elder Wand (Harry Potter) 4
    Encephala-Helmet (Marvel) 3
    Insider Suit (DC) 5
    Justice Glyph (Marvel: newuniversal) 5
    Mind Transfer with Bruce Wayne (Futurama) 3
    Mutant Growth Hormone (Marvel) 4
    Mystical Tiger Amulets of K'un-L'un (Marvel) 2
    Poison Ivy Pheromones (DC) 3
    Ring of Heart (Captain Planet) 5
    Symbol of Seven (DC) 5

    mailedbypostman1 (100/100)

    Alchemist (Vidocq) 2
    Amadeus Cho (Marvel) 1
    Kylar Stern (Night Angel Trilogy) 2
    Lady Mastermind (Marvel) 5
    Midnighter (wildstorm) 5
    Moiraine (Wheel of Time) 6

    Acme Item Fusion Potion (Quest for Camelot) 3
    Adamantium Katana (Real World/Marvel) 3
    Contract with Kyubi: Wish of Dreams (OI/Madoka Magica) 6
    Exposure to Cave Light, Short (X-Files) 3
    Exposure to Cave Light, Long (X-Files) 5
    FORCE Rifle (Hyperion Cantos) 4
    Honorspren Binding/Windrunner (The Stormlight Archive) 4
    Invisibility Serum - Threeboot (DC) 3
    Mandarin's Right Index Finger Ring (Marvel) 5
    Menthor Helmet (THUNDER Agents) 5
    Neural Chaff (DC) 5
    Noor Stone - Fattah (The 99) 4
    Qubit's Teleport Shield (Irredeemable) 5
    Radioactive Spider Bite (Marvel) 4
    Shardblade (The Stormlight Archives) 5
    Smart-Disc (Predator Series) 1
    The TMD (Singularity) 3
    Unified Field Projection (Outpost) 4
    Zero Metal SWAT style Full-Body Armor with padding on the inside to ensure power usage for the wearer (Original Item) 6
    Zettabyte of Internet Data (Real World) 1

    moonknight11 (100/100)

    Celeste Cuckoo (Marvel) 3
    Esme Cuckoo (Marvel) 3
    Daredevil (Marvel) 4
    Fantomex (Marvel) 4
    Itachi Uchiha (Naruto) 6
    Luke Skywalker (Star Wars) 6
    Maximus the Mad (Marvel) 5
    Sophie Cuckoo (Marvel) 3

    Aegis (Marvel) 5
    Amulet of Blue-Fire (Marvel) 5
    Caduceus Tattoo (Marvel) 3
    Elemental Key: Lightning (Original Item) 6
    Elemental Key: Water (Original Item) 6
    Flight Ring, Legion - Threeboot (DC) 3
    Gold Pocket Watch (The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything) 4
    Kick (Marvel) 5
    Lightning Suit (THUNDER Agents) 5
    Mandarin's Left Ring Finger Ring (Marvel) 4 - Mento Intensifier
    Mandarin's Right Little Finger Ring (Marvel) 4 - Black Light
    Noor Stone - Baqi (The 99) 3
    Noor Stone - Hadya (The 99) 3
    Noor Stone - Samda (The 99) 5
    Zero Metal Billy Club (Original Item) 5

    Randy Mandy (100/100)

    Cheetara (Thundercats) 3
    Forge (Marvel) 2
    Homura Akemi (Madoka Magica) 6
    Inuyasha (Inuyasha) 6
    John Taylor (Nightside) 5
    Klaw (Marvel) 5
    Richard the Warlock (Looking for Group) 5

    Al'kesh (Stargate SG-1) 4
    Angler (DC) 5
    Blackened Denarius of Lasciel (Dresden Files) 5
    Borg Nanoprobes (TNG) 3
    Exposure to Plastic Man Acid (DC) 6
    Eye of Zoltec, Left (Kelly's Eye) 4
    Ghost's Battlesuit (Marvel) 4
    Hour Flower (Momo) 4
    Kashu Tenshin Amaguriken Training (Ranma 1/2) 5
    Lens of Arisia (Lensman) 5
    Nenya (Lord of the Rings) 2
    Neuronic Whip (Isaac Asimov's Foundation series) 3
    Noor Stone - Jami (The 99) 4
    Sword of Omens (Thundercats) 6
    Symbiote, Carnage (Marvel) 5
    Wayfinder (Book of Swords) 3

    Sharkerbob (100/100)

    Chao Lingshen (Negima! Magister Negi Magi) 6
    Dazzler (Marvel) 5
    Lyja the Lazerfist (Marvel) 5
    Magus (Chrono Trigger) 5
    Marle (Chrono Trigger) 4
    Oriko Mikuni (Orika Magica) 3
    Phenix (Extinctioners) 6
    Qubit (Irredeemable) 6

    Acid Acid Fruit (OI/One-Piece) 6
    Fate Cards, Full Set (Septerra Core) 5
    Haori of the Underworld (Rin-Ne) 3
    Mana Spirit Summon: Luna (Secret of Mana) 4
    Mushroom of Time - 16 cm length (Ranma 1/2) 3
    Noor Stone - Jabbar (The 99) 5
    Quantum Morpher (Power Rangers: Time Force) 5
    Rune God: Celes (Magic Knights Rayearth) 5
    Rune God: Lexus/Rayearth (Magic Knights Rayearth) 5
    Rune God: Windam (Magic Knights Rayearth) 5
    Super Cream (Futurama) 5
    Yoma Ring (Devil Hunter Yohko) 4
    Zero Metal Melee Weapon of Choice: Scythe (OI) 5

    Stigma Rex (100/100)

    Amos Kane (Kane Chronicles) 5
    Angstrom Levy (Image) 6
    Exar Kun (Star Wars) 6
    Jasmine (Buffyverse) 5
    Lizard (Marvel) 4
    Orochimaru (Naruto) 6
    Polaris (Marvel) 5

    Amulet of Opposite Alignment (3.5 D&D) 1
    Berserker Armor (Berserk) 4
    Claw of Horus (DC) 6
    Cosmic Converter Belt (DC) 5
    Dethklok's Laser Cannon Deth Sentence Stage (Metalocalypse) 3
    Dr. Octopus' Titanium Tentacles (Marvel) 4
    Grass Long Sword (Naruto) 2
    Mandarin's Left Thumb Ring (Marvel) 4 - White Light
    Mandarin's Right Thumb Ring (Marvel) 5 - Matter Rearranger
    Midnighter's Combat Computer (Wildstorm) 4
    Millennium Eye (Yu-Gi-Oh) 3
    Mysterio's Suit (Marvel) 2
    Power Pellet (Pac-Man Games) 4
    Rabbit's Foot (Supernatural) 2
    Red X Suit (Teen Titans) 4
    Replicator Drone (Stargate SG-1) 2
    Sakutia Bite w/ Serum (DC) 4
    Thing, The (John Carpenter's The Thing) 4

    In order to clarify the tournament rules before participation:

    Team Creation

    -We use the draft and item lists previously created for Rumblers League, which can be found in the League site (link below):

    -Only characters and items worth 6 points or below may be picked.
    -You can have only 4 things (items or characters) worth 6, tops.
    -You will have 100 credits to create your team.
    -Every team must have between 3 and 8 members.
    -You cannot spend more than 30 credits in a single character. Exception: Vehicles do not count towards the pilot's credit limit, so you can have a 30 points vehicle with a 30 points pilot.
    -A character that gets an item, keeps that item for the rest of the tournament and you cannot swap things around between rounds. Exception: Vehicles can carry more than one individual as passengers, if this is feasible.
    -There is only one of each item and character. So if someone has drafted, say, Captain America or purchased his shield, those things no longer can be picked by anybody else.

    Tournament Rules

    To make things as varied as possible, every week will feature four different types of challenges: a conventional fight against another team in a randomly chosen location, a non-combat challenge that the competing teams must solve independently from each other (winner being the one who is best suited for the task or capable of doing it better in the opinion of the voters), a non-combat challenge in which the competing teams can nevertheless interfere with each other, and a fight in which the teams fight separately against somebody else.

    So, for example:

    Week 0
    Teams 1 and 2 fight each other in the Enterprise.
    Teams 3 and 4 have to help Dick Dastardly win a race.
    Teams 5 and 6 have to replace members of the soccer teams of countries X and Y in the Olympics and compete against each other without obvious use of superpowers (or something like that).
    Teams 7 and 8 fight the movie Avengers in Robocop's Detroit.

    The initial idea is to give the odd team out a weekly bye.

    Strategies are strongly recommended, but not absolutely required. However, if you don't argue about how your team can beat the competitors in the fights or challenges, don't be surprised if the others vote for the guy who actually posted an argument of how his team can win the day.

    Any questions or comments before we start the draft?
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    No questions from me. Sounds fine. And I won't hold the draft up at any point, unless I'm asleep.

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    3-8 people? SO you're not allowed to get a whole bunch of people at the expense of items?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The MunchKING View Post
    3-8 people? SO you're not allowed to get a whole bunch of people at the expense of items?
    I wanted a balance and 8 seemed fair.

    However, the thread title contains "rules discussion" in case there are strong objections. Or people decide they don't want in with these conditions, before we get started with drafting.

    If someone for some reason wants to play a joke team of 100 1 credit characters or a serious team with no items, AND people don't mind, that's open to change.

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    Probably a dumb question, but just want to be sure, the leeway on "of Choice" items is still good right? So if someone else picks an adamantium staff, I can still pick an adamantium dagger?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharkerbob View Post
    Probably a dumb question, but just want to be sure, the leeway on "of Choice" items is still good right?
    Mind transfer restricted to the power cap, too. Other than that, the "of choice" stuff is good to go.

    So if someone else picks an adamantium staff, I can still pick an adamantium dagger?
    Or an adamantium knife, scimitar or whatever, yes.


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