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Thread: House of Cards

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    Default House of Cards

    New political drama series airing on Netflix starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. The pilot episode is being directed by David Fincher.

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    It's a British remake and it doesn't look like it holds a candle to the Hawthorne version

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    I was excited about the remake when it was first announced: Spacey, Fincher, awesome story... but it just seems too try-hard. Spacey lacks Richardson's charisma. I'm not sure shifting it to America will work as well (I mean, in Britain you CAN leap from merely a cabinet position to Prime Minister through back-stabbings... Spacey doesn't even seem to be Secretary of State; that's A LOT of lines of successions to topple). Hmmmm... I'll stick with the glorious Ian Richardson, I think.
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    I will give it a go but it will be hard to erase Richardson's Francis Urquhart from my head. It is on my short list of best tv performances ever. Judging from the small snippet that we got, it does not seem that Spacey's character has that twinkle-in-the-eye feel that made us, the audience, feel part of his conspiracy. Hopefully, I am proven wrong.


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