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    I just got this issue in the mail today. All I can say is WOW!! I just read it twice. I've read Thor a bit here and there over the years but never really felt like continuing reading. I sure do with this story. I hope it stays this strong for some time to come.

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    Have to say this was a great beginning. Good mix of humor and action. Can't wait to see where it goes from here.

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    I have to say I did not like Aarons run on the Hulk I felt he took to many liberties with The Hulk. But his 1st issue with Thor in Marvel NOW is pure GOLD!!!!!! I absolutley LOVE this book. Its the best Thor book to come out in a long time if the first issue is any indication. He really mixes the Thor mythos with what Thor fans are used to seeing in a Thor comic the majestic Hero. I love how Thor was able to assess just what happened to this dead gods and the reasoning for whoever killed them. Aaron really gives Thor an intellect as well as hardened warrior who knows how to read exactly what happened in a battle without being there. I may be going out on a limb here but this is how Thor should be written. He isnt a mindless brute who charges head first into battle without assessing the situation and forming a plan for battle. I also enjoyed Thor's answering of prayers it was a nice added touch to his Godliness. I think along with Indestructable Hulk this is the best Marvel NOW title out. Can't wait for issue #2!!!!!!!!!

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    Have the gods witnessed the previous Midgard cataclysms that wiped out Atlantis, and wiped out man in the flood? If they did, does that make the gods the recipients of the totality of human history from the beginning, and how many catastrophes are we talking about? The generation of Noah had all the world mapped out, and had all power sources under their control, just like our generation, but at some point all that came to an end and left just a remnant with no history or technology. Do the gods tell us that part of who we are?

    How many different denizens are there in Midgard Space besides Humans of Earth? Skrulls, Shi'arr, Kree, Badoon, Galactus, the Watchers, and these humanoids from Indigar. If all of them have 9 worlds each of the hallowed halls of their gods, how many such 9 worlds exist for each set of humanoids like Earths? Thor speaks of dragons, Trolls, Dwarfs, Elves, Frost Giants, but every planet in Midgard Space has something resembling these things too. Remember Groot? Why have 9 worlds populated with the denizens of Asgards dimensions, when there are so many already in Midgard Space?

    Dean White really has a luxuriant pallet with his harsh streaking blues of lightening, his hot burning oranges of fire torches, and his many hews of red on Thors cloak. Dean seems to have a field day on these pencils of Esad Ribic.

    As to the story of Gorr the God Butcher, it seems at some point Thor was under the impression that Gorr disappeared for such long periods, that Thor thought Gorr was gone. But he never goes. I don't know what Gorr waits for before he makes his entrance, but it certainly didn't end with Thors death, at least a death that wasn't permanent. Thor has plenty of those impermanent deaths even Ragnarok could make permanent. So what does Gorr need to resurface periodically, and not have Thor shiver in his boots that he could appear at any moment?

    Jason Aaron made me think of all these things as I started reading Thor God of Thunder #1, so for his endeavors, I have to give Jason credit for extracting these ideas as a consequence of his writing.
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