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    Default's Best Graphic Novels of 2012 List

    Guess who made it to the top, along with Swamp Thing V1: Raise them Bones.

    This week, the editors at AMAZON.COM released their picks for Best Books of the Year. And making their list of top Comics and Graphic Novels was SWAMP THING, VOL. 1: RAISE THEM BONES and WONDER WOMAN, VOL. 1: BLOOD.

    And written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Cliff Chiang with art by Tony Akins and Dan Green, WONDER WOMAN, VOL. 1: BLOOD gives the iconic character a new origin (Zeus is her father) and extends her family to include various Greek Gods. Since itís debut, this acclaimed series has brought darker aspects to Dianaís stories by blending superhero, mythological and horror genres to create a fresh take on the story of the Amazon warrior.
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    That's awesome! Take that, Jim Shooter! :-p
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    This is great news for Wonder Woman.

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    Great to see. For DC, I wish that Batman: Court of Owls and I, Vampire: Tainted Love were also on here, but these are both great choices.
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    SteveGus' review is rated least helpful on Amazon. :O Not too long ago this run was being torn apart. I'm glad most people enjoy it as much as me!
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    Very much deserved.

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    I love the hardcover of Wonder Woman Vol. 1 that I bought off of Amazon so I am happy it made their list.

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    One of the two Best Books of the Year 2012 (according to the editors at from DC Comics?

    Then I can't imagine how bad the other books are. Because I still think last year's WW storyline and art weren't exactly that great or the best thing around. It's average/good but the really good thing is: Strife. Far from being a masterpiece.

    I'm still waiting for an improvement...
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    Not a bad list at all!

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    I have issues 1 through 13 of Wonder Woman digitally but i also want Wonder Woman Blood also, so i was wondering if anybody else has got both and is it worth it?

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    I bought it (as well as getting the single issues), and I'd say it's definitely worth it. It's actually a pretty nicely put together book and looks pretty nice on my shelf. Although I was kind of disappointed that the cover under the dust jacket is black rather than red with a gold embossed title like with the Odyssey hardcover, but that's a minor point. It has a great bonus section with the concept art for the characters, though you can easily find them online if you prefer.

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    Thanks for the info i just ordered it and ordered Wonder Woman Guts which comes out January 15, cant wait.

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