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  • Batman 17

    51 76.12%
  • Batman Incorporated 8

    35 52.24%
  • Detective Comics 17

    30 44.78%
  • Nightwing 17

    28 41.79%
  • Batman & Robin 17

    16 23.88%
  • Batgirl 17

    18 26.87%
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws 17

    23 34.33%
  • Batwoman 17

    25 37.31%
  • Talon 5

    15 22.39%
  • The Dark Knight 17

    15 22.39%
  • Catwoman 17

    10 14.93%
  • Birds of Prey 17

    14 20.90%
  • Batwing 17

    10 14.93%
  • Batman Beyond Unlimited 13

    3 4.48%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
    Chris Burnham said it on this forum. That's good enough for me.
    Okay, I must have missed that. Thanks for the heads-up.

    I am assuming he didn't say anything about the next writer, or direction of the title?
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    It was more of a "It's my understanding the book will continue..." kind of thing. So there's no tangible idea of what's going to happen.

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    I'll likely pass on Red Hood, Batwing and Beyond. I might pickup Red Hood. I am 50-50 at this point.

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    Lobdell mentioned in his most recent interview that Red Hood 17 will actually explain more about the Wingman thing, which leads me to suspect the issue will be more of a meeting than a "confrontation".

    #17 is an all Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd issue without any Batman or Red Hood appearances. "This issue is going to be the result of things that happen directly out of 'Death of the Family,'" Lobdell said. "You can read that issue and 'Batman Incorporated' #4 and not feel like they existed in two different worlds," he said, referencing a scene in Grant Morrison's "Batman Incorporated," where Jason Todd reveals himself as Wingman to Damian Wayne, Bruce's son.

    For me it's
    Dark Knight (ha ha at this cover!)
    and will prob read the other DotF books on the stands

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    Picking up Batwoman, Batwing, and Batman Beyond Unlimited.

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    just Batman and nightwing for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by sage6paths View Post
    If they haven't interacted at all then why did Bruce knew it was Jason in Batman Inc. #4. They had to have interacted off-panel.
    Same old argument : Morrison's Batman, Inc. follows the New 52 continuity very loosely. He included the aesthetic changes, like the red in Nightwing's costume or Jason's appearance in Red Hood and the Outlaws, he works with the ban on some characters, but aside from that, you easily get the impression that he does not care about shaking his plans in a big way. The Wingman reveal would have worked a lot better when Jason was only a side character.

    So, Morrisson planned to have Bruce give the Wingman's mantle to Jason, and he did it, coherence with Jason's on-going be damned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Yoyo View Post
    So, Morrisson planned to have Bruce give the Wingman's mantle to Jason, and he did it, coherence with Jason's on-going be damned.
    I find it extremely funny that it's okay for Morrison to fly in the face of and completely ignore things that are happening elsewhere in the N52 continuity (not counting supposed editoral mandates) and very few people complain because it's "Morrison finishing out his Bat epic" while those same people tend to get up in arms when two N52 books seem to have conflicting continuity. If Inc. is in continuity and Morrison, or his editor for that matter, just ignore things going on with Jason or other characters then that is bad writing and editing IMHO and extremely lazy for a writer who is known for his attention to the small details of the Batverse. A lot of readers here would be quick to point out such a thing if it was any other writer so I don't see why Morrison is getting exempt from that.

    In any case, I'll be getting my normal group of Bat books this month as in all prior months and I'm really looking forward to the RHatO #17 in particular.
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    Nice solicitations as usual

    Though Nightwing has a fill in again? Seriously the book is getting down hill
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    Batman, DK, Tec, Batwoman, Catwoman, BoP, Talon, RH&tO, and Nightwing..but 2 of those are being dropped after this crossover.
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