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    Default Update on Jonathan Hickman's Image Projects (Secret, Feel Better Now, & More)

    Thought this would be a bit of news, so at the end of this week's Manhattan Projects 7 (interesting setup issue for the next arc), Hickman gives us an update on his projects which I'll detail below though the letter is dated October 17 so who knows if things have changed.

    - On Manhattan Projects: Aware that Manhattan Projects is behind schedule, so they have asked Ryan Browne to be the fill in artist for issue 10 and that issues 9-11 will ship in a 10-12 week window.

    - On Secret: Doubtful the book will ever again have a monthly schedule. Ryan is almost done with issue 3 and projecting to release it between November - December (at worst).

    - On Feel Better Now: Will be out in March 2013

    - New on going debuting in April 2013 called East of West with Nick Dragotta (Hickman's partner in crime on FF from Marvel).

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    Thanks for this. My store didn't get Manhattan Projects this week (will get it next week). Bummed about Secret, but I'm too excited over Feel Better Now and East of West to care.

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    OH SHIT! Nick Dragotta on-going!? Count me the fuck in.
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