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    Default AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #14 - Your Reviews

    please Post up your thoughts and Reviews for AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #14 - the story involves spidey getting trapped in the savage land, and has to team up with Devil Dinosour. this story will conclude in issue #15, written by cullen bunn and with art by Gabriele Dell otto

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    MY REVIEW - LOVED this issue, spidey was written PERFECTLY, and GDO's Art was a Perfect match for this story

    Dell otto is traditionaly a Painter (secret war, x-force sex and violence)
    in the avengers and new avengers annuals from last year he atempted to go traditional comic style with his art, with mixed results, the art wasnt bad but was at times very sketchy and choppy, Here thankfuly he is Completly devoid of thoose problems, he has perfected his style in this format. the art is absolutly Fantastic. (note: the covers for this and next issue he fully painted unlike the interiors), he draws both spidey and dinos supurbly.

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    I quite enjoyed it - gorgeous art, and just enough story to make it hang together.

    Interesting that Moon Boy seems to have lost his command of the English language - he was fluent enough to be into Party of Five the last (and only, I think) time he met Spidey, in the Amazing Spider-Man/Devil Dinosaur 1998 Annual.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The art was good but the story was so boring. If it turns out to be Garokk or Sauron in that cave for the uninspiring ending then that will just be the spinach on the cake.

    Both CM and DP could've easily worked in 1 issue. Aunt May was not an Avenger or a hero. And the Annual was just embarrassing. This title is going in the wrong direction for too long now. I is so hard to believe that the original MTU format wouldn't work well today. Keeping it to specifically Avenger related as was the original solicit was a promising tease.

    Moon-Boy was talking AND narrating unaesthetically too coherently. Where's Ka-Zar when you need him?! J/K - that would also be too cliche if he shows up. And what's with talking Serpentyne and not Ape? Is this precident from the original Devil Dinosaur issue?

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    First issue I have picked up since the Captain Marvel team - up. I enjoyed the art alot and there was enough story there to hold my attention. Plus I have always liked Savage Land stories for some reason. Will pick up issue 15 and 15.1, but not sure after that.

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    Loved the art, but the story was meh for me, still had a few good jokes there.
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    I enjoyed it quite a bit, actually! The art was just beautiful and the story, like many of the Avenging tales so far, reminds me of the classic MTU tales from the 1970's which is what I think this title is supposed to be. I do think the title would benefit from a steady writer (as MTU did back in the day) and so I am looking forward to Yost taking it over soon but I have really enjoyed this so far.
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