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    Default DD: End of Days # 2 Review *Spoilers*

    My first review thread!

    Ok, here we go: In Urich's search for answers, he is searching for Natasha Romanoff. spoilers:
    He tries calling an Avengers number, and the answering party is confused on who the Black Widow even is. He also tries stopping by Stark Tower Avengers Museum, and can't get anywhere. While he's questioning a bar owner about her, the bar receives a call and Urich gets a message to meet 'around back'.

    He thinks it's Natasha, but it's Nick Fury who comes around the corner, and eventually tells him that Natasha is dead, in some Skrull Thing and the Avengers kept her death quiet at her request. He also says he doesn't know what Mapone means, and disappears.

    Urich tries Milla's place, and she slaps him out of anger after talking about how Matt only did what he did because he wanted to die.

    Reluctantly Urich goes to Matt's funeral, and makes note of how none of his friends or other heroes show up, and wonders what Matt did to alienate them all. After speaking with another Bugle photographer, he follows woman from the funeral to a soccer field. After getting pegged by a soccer ball and tossing it back to the kids, Elektra appears behind him and asks if Urich has been working up the courage to talk to her. Urich has a flash back to when Elektra murdered one of his informants while they were meeting, way back when Elektra was working for Fisk.

    Elektra starts to threaten Urich, asking him to imagine how she's like now, after knowing what she was like back when she had nothing to lose. The panel pans back to show Elektra with her hand around Urich's neck right when he asks about Mapone, and Elektra is sporting a look of surprise.
    end of spoilers

    That is where the issue ends. Overall it's pretty good, I've always liked Urich and it's nice seeing him trace back through Matt's past and seeing where some characters are now. Of course, it's also always nice to see my favorite character show up, even if next issue's cover doesn't look so great!

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    I loved the first issue, and this was a nice build up for what happens next. I'm definitely excited to see what will happen next.

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    I'm really digging the art, it takes me back to Miller's stint on DD.

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    Really enjoyed this. Bendis is so much better when he has a co writer. I'm assuming that Mack did the dialogue as it was much better than Bendis's usual annoying quippy, repetitive style. Surprised that Black Widow has been killed off though I imagine this could be a swerve and she may appear later in the series. I'm looking forward to what Elektra is going to be like next issue and whether they will reveal who the father of her child(ren) is? I noticed there was a boy with strawberry blonde hair playing football, similar to Milla's son. We know Matt was a player so could there be multiple mini Matts in the future?

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    It would be interesting if Elektra and Matt ended up having a kid together, though I am hard-pressed to think of a situation where they could actually stand each other long enough to do what needs to be done lol.

    I was also surprised about the Natasha bit...but with Fury delivering the news, and I am betting it's a fake-out.

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    I bought issue #1 and #2 today because I'd heard great things about it and it had been recommended to me. So glad I did because it's really good! As much as I'm enjoying Waid's run, it's nice to have a grim and gritty story again that's worth reading! I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops, especially as it's 8 issues long.

    And Bendis is definitely better as a co-writer
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    I'm glad a few people are enjoying this, but I guess the book really isn't that popular. I really would have figured there would be more vocal interest in this title.

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    man, i'm finding this interesting but damn Matt, you just can NOT win
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