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    Default PREVIEW: Valiant Masters: Ninjak vol. 1 -- Black Water HC

    This February, the definitive origin of Valiant's original stealth operative is headed back to print for the first time ever! Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Valiant Masters: Ninjak Vol. 1 - Black Water - a deluxe hardcover collecting Ninjak's best-selling solo debut in the original Valiant Universe by Mark Moretti (Bloodshot) and industry icon Joe Quesada (Daredevil, Amazing Spider-Man).

    Colin King - sophisticated British playboy by day, elite super-spy by night! Codenamed Ninjak, King is gifted with a brilliant mind and lethal training in the world's most dangerous fighting techniques. Both will be put to the ultimate test as he is drawn into a globe-spanning mission to apprehend Dr. Silk, mastermind of the WEBNET terror network, before the mysterious weapon known as "Black Water" goes online. From the British Isles to the land of the Rising Sun, Ninjak will leave an indelible imprint on the Valiant Universe - or die trying.

    Collecting Ninjak (1994) #1-6, #0, and #00 with the original series coloring, the latest Valiant Masters hardcover volume re-presents Joe Quesada's stunning covers and interiors from Ninjak's debut outing and origin, along with rarely-seen sketches and process art direct from the Valiant vaults. Featuring guest appearances from X-O Manowar and Bloodshot, Valiant Masters: Ninjak Vol. 1 - Black Water is an essential piece of Valiant history. Look for it in finer comic shops everywhere this February!

    Full preview here.

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    I wonder if Valiant is going to be doing volumes 2+ for any of these titles? And/or perhaps reprinting Archer & Armstrong, et al with the new logo/cover art? These volumes are numbered while the prior collections were titled!

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    I'll be picking this up in February for sure.

    I like how VALIANT has decided on it's own name for premier collected editions.
    IDW=Ultimate (at least their TMNT is that)

    MASTERS is a unique and defining name for these collections as well.
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    I would prefer Shadowman, Rai and Eternal Warrior first, but I suppose Ninjak makes sense as the first major reappearance after the initial relaunch. If that is the pattern, then the next two HCs would be Shadowman and EW. I hope Rai follows those...

    The solicit doesn't mention an original story, which has been a standard for the new VEI HCs. That is a big plus for a lot of the old school collectors, espescially in a collection of issues that anyone can find in a quarter bin somewhere.

    As far as Vol 2s it's hard to say. I would love an A&A Vol 2 up to issue 12 and Harbinger up to issue 25 eventually would be awesome. I could definitely see 2 volumes of Quantum and Woody eventually, also. But VEI says they are treating these as a separate collection from the previous 3. I doubt they would reproduce those, but maybe we will get more Omnibus style books with full creator runs?
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