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    Default GFT error advice needed

    Need advice on a GFT issue #21b & D error, I know this is d a DC forum but the only place where someone would know what to do. I had bought a Grimm fairy tales issue from Jay Co. a long time ago and when reviewing it, relized they had printed issue #11 as the story line inside? what do i do , is it worth more and if so whats next. thanks in advance
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    Hi, I've been collecting GFT for years and have many variants..I have the 21 D Goth variant from Jay Coy and to be honest, never opened it. So carefully today (its a beautiful copy) I checked. The story line in 21D is the same correct storyline in 21 A, so no problem with those issues. I have never heard of it, and the websites I use to tracking have notes on most of these and nothing reported.

    Hope that helps a bit, I'm interested how it works out.

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    It won't be worth anything if the pages are stuck together...
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