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    Default REVIEW: Swamp Thing Annual, #1

    If it's a 5-week month, it's time for DC Comics to break out the Annuals; this time, Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft, Becky Cloonan, and Andrew Belanger use "Swamp Thing Annual" #1 to tell the first meeting between Alec and Abby.

    Full review here.

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    A surprisingly great issue. For some reason, most Annuals suck, but not this one, although the suspension of disbelief required for the memory loss thing did raise my eyebrows a bit. The Becky Cloonan art was wonderful too.
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    Good story in the village, but I prefer an annual story to be more stand alone (reading issue #14 is required as the annual is a part of it).
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    even if the story had sucked(which it didnt't) the artwork from Cloonan would have this a must have anyway.

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    This will sound like criticism, but it really isn't: This annual read like fanfic. I am not saying it was bad, I liked the story, but it seemed like a fanfic story. And also:

    Quote Originally Posted by batGRRRl4ever View Post
    Good story in the village, but I prefer an annual story to be more stand alone (reading issue #14 is required as the annual is a part of it).
    Not really... there were like 2 pages that were related to Rotworld, and they don't really matter, they were just there to frame the story, Henry James style

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    Nice stand alone story featuring Alec and Abby meeting for the first time. I would say the art fit the book well. Abby looks adorable and Alec looks like your average teen. But once the horror stuff kicks, the whole thing got interesting. I like the tentacle monster Swampy a lot. That was some awesome display of power. Same goes with the giant Swamp Thing

    Still, I really wonder why they need to change the characters' pasts and make Alec and Abby already meeting before the new 52. I hope it will lead to somewhere. 'The Flower of Rot' and Jason Woodrue. I am looking forward to see how these seeds (pardon the pun) will grow in future issues
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