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    Default REVIEW: Gambit, #4

    Gambit and his partner in crime take on godlike creatures as their adventure comes to a close in "Gambit" #4 by James Asmus and Clay Mann.

    Full review here.

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    This book is a pleasant surprise.

    - Gambit going back to thievery after getting some decent character growth in "X-23" and "Legacy" seemed like back tracking, but James Asmus made it work in a way that's believable to the character
    - Clay Mann draws the absolute best Gambit in recent history
    - Straight forward adventure arc in just 4 issues, not the current standard 5 or 6+, Thank God. Nothing heavy or heady, just fun.
    - References to the X-Men just enough to let us know Gambit's still with them, but no appearances from them helps to strengthen this book
    - No Rogue! Never thought I'd be a fan of Rogue not being with Gambit, but he benefits from it. Looking forward to Joelle's development. Hopefully she'll become complex without becoming a major head-case like Rogue...I do like Rogue, she just doesn't need to be here.

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    This book has been pretty enjoyable so far. It still feels like it needs to build to something though.

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    I . . . agree with Kelly Thompson? What is happening? I've loved the first arc and thought it was a good start for rebuilding Gambit, but it does need to find its x-factor in the next one.

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    I still don't know why they give her this book to review. That aside. We've had one arc. ONE. The X-Factor as it were in the form of Pete Wisdom is coming. And from what I've read - quite a few don't want too many Xmen in his book. Guess the line is fine, a few here or there. As long as the adventure is good, I'm good.


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