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    Quote Originally Posted by da noble savage View Post
    couldn't magik teleport them to limbo and destroy there hammers. I mean she might have to do it one at a time. But if she could do it to cyttoraks powers on colossusnaut she should be able to do the same to the worthy. Especially with a portion of the phonex power backing him up.
    I think that would work on everyone but Worthy Juggs, considering he'd walk out of her dimension with the next step he took.
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    so two rasputins beat the worthy :p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrosis View Post
    I think that would work on everyone but Worthy Juggs, considering he'd walk out of her dimension with the next step he took.
    So she slices his enchantments from cyttorak and his hammer.
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    Two of the Worthy were already killed and BFR'd by Thor alone (and a third showed his hammer could cause her pain, being charitable about how it was being thrown by Captain America instead of a Class 100 brick and ignoring how Bucky Barnes made her bleed) and his track record against Namor, Emma and Cyclops was pitiful.

    In fact Gladiator punched Phoenix Cyclops in the face and he didn't even make him throw spittle. Heck Scott's feat of humbling Thor and Thing with one eye zap at the same time is, on its own, practically a repeat of a Thanos feat.

    So yeah I'd bet on the Phoenixlings.


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