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    Eh, don't worry about it. There are no established rules in Greek myths. Stuff just happens because they happen. Does it make sense how the Olympians who grew up in Kronus's stomach were able to gain the skills, power, and knowledge to defeat the Titans? Does it make sense how sometimes gods can die and sometimes they can't? Does it make sense how Zeus grew up at a normal rate but Apollo and Artemis grew into adults in one day?

    I think what people need to realize is that the Greek mythology isn't like Harry Potter or Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, it's not created by one person or group of people with a consistent vision. It's a bunch of different folktales, legends, religions, fairy tales, etc., from a bunch of different people and cultures from different places and times that get mixed together. In fact, quite a bit of Greek myth is inspired by Egyptian myth.
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    Every time I see this thread I think "what does Apollo have to do with Wonder Woman?" before I remember you guys mean the god, not Midnighter's boyfriend.


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