Hi. I'm new to this site...pretty awesome! I'm Jerry from Johnstown, PA and have an unusual genre that I collect in...20th century intercompany crossovers. I'm not sure how to kick off this thread other than by asking...is there anyone else out there that collects intercompany crossovers also?

I have every one that I know of...but am always looking for anything I may have missed along the way. So far, I have identified (again...just 20th century) 338 intercompany crossovers, 220 alternate covers, 23 trade paperbacks, 10 non-ashcan previews, 9 non-ashcan preview alternate covers, 10 ashcans, 2 ashcan alternate covers, 5 reprints, 2 paperbacks and 1 hardcover...620 intercompany crossover books altogether.

Does anyone want to discuss in this area? If you also research in this area...please reply!