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    Default REVIEW: X-Factor, #245

    Peter David and Leonard Kirk wrap up "Breaking Points" in "X-Factor" #245 as a final member departs the team, in preparation for the pared-down lineup next issue.

    Full review here.

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    Totally agree it was really Havok and Polaris' best break up. Although that's weird to even write that. I thought it was the most respectful way to do it for both characters. Havok even came across as sympathetic I didn't think that was really possible.
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    It was a fun way to say good bye to some characters in the recent issues of Breaking Points but I felt Where is these remaining cast going? Why are they keeping together? Home and Shelter?? No clues, just time for one more prank. I do not think the next Pip issue can address all that. It was a cool to have time to focus on the each character. Nice way to break up Havok and Polaris, just a little scraming here and there. Good couple!!
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