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    Default Hellboy Forum Holiday Art Exchange 2012

    Hellboy Forum Holiday Art Exchange 2012
    (as copied from what Petriacce put together previous years)

    Hello everyone! I am excited that it is time for another art exchange. Many of you are familiar with the exchange but the list of hellboarders has grown and changed. Some of you may not have participated before and may have a questions about the exchange. Please read on.

    We will post our finals here once everyone is done. (The old Hellboy Art Exchange blog seems to be gone)

    So what exactly is the exchange?

    The exchange is an opportunity for forum members to give and/or receive original Hellboy fan art. That's right, original Hellboy fan art. Each person creates a piece of Hellboy-themed art and will send it to a randomly chosen person who is participating in the exchange. This is an opportunity to be super creative. Please Note: if you are creating your art via electronic means please be prepared to print off a nice original for the person to whom you are sending your art.

    But I'm no artist, right?

    If you are suddenly sad because you swear up and down that you just cannot possibly create anything you would want to send to someone or you are just not physically able, that is where the awesomeness of this little community really shines. Several people may create a couple pieces of art to send to those individuals who aren't able to send pieces of their own but would still like to participate in the exchange by receiving a piece of fan art. So don't hesitate to participate. 'Tis a time of giving and friendship - even though our community pretty much is like this all year long.

    It is important to remember that you will be sending your art directly to the randomly selected individual whose name you receive. This will require you to pay the postage. Remember that the Hellboy Forum is an international community and therefore may require you to send a package to another country.

    Who is eligible to participate?

    Registered members of Comic Book Resources Forums prior to September 2012 and participants in the Hellboy Forum.

    What are the guidelines and how do I sign up?

    Each person wanting to participate in the exchange will FIRST need to create a Hellboy/Mignola related piece of art (unless you are not creating a piece of art and wanting to receive only). After your art piece is finished (no "in progress" pieces please), please e-mail the following information to me at "corleyms [at] yahoo [dot] com":

    a scan/picture of your art piece, if you are creating multiple pieces to send to those who are only receiving, please send me a scan/picture for each piece.
    your real first and last names / forum name
    whether you are giving a piece/pieces of art or want to receive only
    e-mail address
    mailing address (please include any special mailing instructions if you were to receive a package from outside of your country (i.e. mark as gift, special address format, etc.))

    I will send you an e-mail response acknowledging the receipt of your information and I will add your name to the participant list below.

    The personal information you supply will not be posted on the forum or shared with anyone other than myself and the person who is randomly selected to send you art. If you are under 18 years of age, please ask your parents if it is okay to participate before signing up. Please don't ask me for other participant's personal information even if your intentions are good. Thanks.

    What is the timeline?

    Oct 2012 - Start working on your piece(s) of art now.
    14 Dec 2012 - Final date for submitting a scan/picture of artwork (Midnight PT).
    16 Dec 2012 - Final date for me sending you the name and mailing information of the person(s) to whom you are sending your art.
    24 Dec 2012 - Final date for mailing your art piece(s) to its intended recipient(s).
    Then you can start posting your pieces so others can view them on the thread.

    Please note that the Hellboy Forum is an international community and some of you will be sending your art packages to another country. Please take that into consideration when estimating the financial impact of participating in the exchange.

    Please post any questions you may have on this thread. Note that I will probably have to make changes to the information in this post as we go along for clarification reasons. The bottom of the post will indicate the date of the latest edit. Please review the post occasionally to be aware of any changes.

    Past Exchanges:

    2011 Exchange:
    2010 Exchange:
    2009 Exchange:
    2008 Exchange:
    2007 Exchange:
    2006 Exchange:
    2005 Exchange:
    2004 Exchange:

    As I receive emailed art I will post your name to the list.
    List of Participants:

    User Name - (give=0({extra pieces=0}/receive=0)
    noble_enough - (give=1/receive=0) RECEIVED 1
    didism - (give=2/receive=1) RECEIVED 2
    Sheeeva - (give=1/receive=1) RECEIVED 1
    JohnThompson - (give=2/receive=1?) RECEIVED 2
    Gary_B - (give=1/receive=1) RECEIVED 1
    D'ohboy - (give=1/receive=1) RECEIVED 1
    Maija - (give=1/receive=1) RECEIVED 1

    JoelleHart - (give=1/receive=0) Piece for THB

    Receive only
    Mike Cross - (give=0/receive=1)
    schaferba - (give=0/receive=1)
    Kees_L - (give=0/recieve=1)
    TOTAL() - (give=0/receive=0)

    Please note that this art exchange is in no way the responsibility of Comic Book Resources,, Mike Mignola or Dark Horse Comics, Inc. It's just a fan thing.
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    No art from me this year. I submitted last year but my wife and I are expecting our first baby within the next 2-4 weeks and I don't think I will be able to complete anything before the deadline. I may try and see if I can get something out, but don't want to commit. I had a lot of fun though and would still like to participate. Put me down for a receive :)

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    Thanks Schaferba! Done!
    Hope the birth goes great.

    Anyone else interested in doing it this year?
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    Sure, once for the give plus once for the receivin' I guess.
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    Chillingly good stuff besides Mignola, Slint, M, Knut and really big chunks of tinfoil?
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    Yeah Kees!
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    Count me in, I've always seemed to miss out on this in the past but I'd love to contribute this year. I have a really neat chistmas card kind of idea I think I'll gt down paper that would work great.


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