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    Default Pipeline - Oct 16, 2012

    Augie attended the New York Comic Con last weekend and came back with lots of stories of cute costumes, encounters in Artist Alley and more good stuff from the con.

    Full article here.

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    "I never saw a roped out section for the overflow of guests, save perhaps one small one that George Perez had. "

    It was kind of the same here at Montreal ComicCon in August, most of the big names present never had more than a few people in line, except Perez who had a constant long slow line, because he was doing sketches for almost everyone!
    Since his booth was at the end of the aisle, the line was coming in from behind him, so I got to see him do sketches for about half an hour while waiting, which was worth the price of the sketch itself right there for me, and it was just incredible how easy he made it look! Quick pencil layout, then marker 'inking' and voila, a cool sketch in less than 5 minutes!
    As a joke I asked him to draw me the last issue of his sadly unfinished Crimson Plague series so I could finally know the ending and he replied I'd need about 6 more to get the whole story, then he did me a nice sketch of its main character DiNA.

    Everyone was very friendly, I especially enjoyed meeting Ben Templesmith and Becky Cloonan, and pretty much freezing upon meeting my idol Mike Mignola and not being able to say much to him -as I expected haha.
    I just wish my budget had allowed me to get some commissions from the artists, like Matteo Scalera who is doing some really amazing stuff at cons.
    Sounds like NYCC has a similar relaxed atmosphere but on a larger scale, I should try going someday.

    Um yeah, sorry for ranting there... just reminiscing about good times!

    PS: I always enjoy reading your articles Augie, always one of the most interesting features on CBR.

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    i have a George Perez sketch from a Pittsburgh convention a decade ago that I still love. He was doing those for charity. It was something ridiculous, like $10 to HERO for a head sketch. Well worth the price. And from everything I saw that day and everything I've heard from others, Perez is one of the nicest guys to have sketch for you and just to talk to at a con. He's a real comics fan, first and foremost.

    Thanks for the kind words. Glad to hear you enjoyed your convention experience up north over there. I'd love to make it up to Montreal sometime, just to check out all the bandes dessinees comics we can't get over here. =)



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