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    Default The Locksmith Graphic Novel on kickstarter

    Just wanted to alert everyone to a new project on kickstarter: The Locksmith. A neo-noir sci-fi thriller. We are 5 days into the campaign and are at 25% of our goal. Artwork by Eagle-award winning artist, Silvio Db. Written and lettered by yours truly: Terrance Grace.

    Kickstarter link
    Main site with high res artwork link

    We've had a nice surge out of the gate: First day kickstarter staff pick. We've got a long way to go still, so would appreciate anyone who is interested to share the link. I would also be happy to answer any questions.

    Thanks... Terrance

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    Default Gun Crazy Parker Silvio Db: Do or Die

    Today I'm feeling like the King of Sparta. I've got an army of 100 just 8 days into the campaign. I thank you all for being the first line of backers. You've established The Locksmith. I just did two interviews that will be hitting the blogosphere, shortly and I was even contacted by a production company interested in seeing how we do on kickstarter -- they love the concept.

    Here is the link:

    Guess what, though?

    We've got a long way to go, still. Remember, it's all or nothing. 100% is the goal and we are at this moment, 26% in. If we don't reach that 100%, that means we get zero.

    So... Here is the plan. I have put together another drawing that is contingent upon reaching 50% midway through the campaign.

    11:59 p.m. on October 24th is the deadline for this time-limited REWARD. If we reach 50% by this deadline, then every backer at the $25 level and above as of the deadline, will be entered in a drawing to win this:

    An original drawing by Silvio Db of YOU as the Locksmith, or standing alongside the Locksmith.
    Darwyn Cooke's take on Richard Stark's "Parker" trilogy. Three incredibly cool graphic novels.
    Film Noir Classic DVD Collection volume 1: The Asphalt Jungle, Gun Crazy, Murder My Sweet, Out of the Past and The Set-up.

    The best part? This drawing is not impacted by the final tally at the end of the campaign. In other words, no matter what happens, the winner of the 50% drawing gets the swag! But, you have to be in it to win it... And we have to be at 50% by October 24th.

    Thank you again for your incredible support. Keep on tweeting and sharing!

    -- Terrance

    p.s. The previous referral reward is still active so get those referrals in!

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    I've added a very interesting update to the project on kickstarter -- "Process: From Words to Images and Back Again." I've taken one 3 page sequence and outlined the process from the original screenplay to graphic novel script adaptation through initial sketches, inks, color and finally, lettering.

    Here is a sneak peek (a link to a downloadable pdf of the artwork, which includes the screenplay and graphic novel script pages for the sequence, are on the kickstarter update page here:

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    It looks amazing, i must say.Outlining the process from original screenplay to graphic novel script adaptation through initial sketches is quite a tough job . It is the result of sheer hard work and dedication .
    .................................................. .

    Houston Locksmith

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    This rocks
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