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    Default Death of the Family reading order question-might be a dumb question

    can someone let me know what the reading order is for this arc? I'm kind of interested in it but don't know where to start....I know it might be a dumb question adn I could probably figure it out but I'm busy as all get out.

    thanks in advance.

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    I assume the reading order is the order the comics come out, with the issue of Batman being the first. Or at the very least done the same way Court of the Owls was done where the rest of the Bat Family's books run parallel, thus having no real "reading order"

    Just to be safe, I'd always read the latest Batman before reading the latest issue of the rest. So read Batman #13, #14, etc... before you read Bat Family's #13, #14 etc...

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    These are the issues in order of release


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