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    Default The Ruby Nation: Webcomic Mega-Thread!

    Since the comic's been around over a year (and the series at large has been around over four), I'm going to give it a second thread by name, as opposed to the "check this out" thread.

    Ruby Nation tell the story of Ruby Harrison, former middle-upper-class American high schooler turned nine-foot-tall post-human person of mass destruction. Dragged into a worldwide conspiracy that treats human beings as mere test subjects, Ruby’s goal is to create a safe haven for her fellow post-human victims. But their powers are too valuable for the world to let be, and Ruby and her comrades will have to make hard decisions to preserve her new home.

    You can check out the comic here;

    And its preceding parent series;

    And if you need to clarify some parts, the Wiki;

    Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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    Left picture is the Golden Temple
    Initials are on the case in front of the bed
    Right picture is the group photo
    Cat at Ruby's foot end
    Tablet to the left of the bed
    Lava lamp on the nightstand

    Aaand beside those, I see an MP3 player, Jiro's costume in a storage tube, a book of unspecified nature, lit candle next to the lava lamp, and a rhino plushy. None of the items appear to be particularly inconspicuous/hidden, though.

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    Congratulations, Mormel! You win! As a reward for this and your continued feedback, I'll make a sketch out for you of your choosing. Just let me know what and I'll get to work on it as soon as able.

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    Wow, usually I'm full of requests when it comes to artwork on CBR, but right this moment, I'm stumped.

    I'll need a bit of time to think this over... I actually have a couple of suggestions in my head, but they're competing. I'll get back to you when there's a victor.

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    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Just a reminder, new strips on Friday and Saturday. And Saturday's gonna be a big one. Seriously, I'm still not sure I should go through with this...


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