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    Default When Words Collide - Sep 10, 2012

    Tim looks back at when the Hulk was gray (again), before Joe Fixit came to town, and before Peter David launched his monumental run. Yes, it's BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS, with Al Milgrom's 'Incredible Hulk' #330."

    Full article here.

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    Man, I got so hooked on Todd McFarlane's stuff back then, I went out and bought all the back issues I could find. Then I got a couple Infinity Inc. and couldn't believe my eyes. Todd McFarlane is my favorite artist ever and that stuff was super strange.

    Oh, look on that last page. Thunderbolt Ross is dead. I always thought Peter David killed him off before bringing him back so many issues later. I guess I was wrong.

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    Milgrom's run was pretty good. He came in at a difficult point with so many unresolved plot points from Byrne (primarily, Banner and Hulk had been physically separated, and Banner's health was failing). He's actually the one who brought back the gray Hulk (in #324), not David. Milgrom's last half-dozen issues focused on both the Gray Banner Hulk and the Green Jones Hulk, although he rarely featured both in the same issue. David's contribution was to cure Jones of being the Hulk in his second issue, and then focusing on Banner's Gray Hulk from that point forward (or until #376, anyway).


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