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    Default if anyone else has card for an elderly parent with Dementia issues at Home...

    I could use some advice. My mom is 83. She has congestive heart failure and also has been diagnosed with Sciz affective scizo phrenia.She usually has an upset stomach. Her grasp on reality is better sometimes than others. It is extremely difficult to get her to go to the doctor. I frequently have to tell her the names of her children and where they live etc. I find it very depressing and draining. Its like a big part of her has been taken away from me and it hurts remember the great times and fun conversations we've had. Oh well. She's scheduled for a geriatric psyc exam on the 14th and I hope to get some Home health care workers to stay with her when I'm not available- but I've heard such agencies are very picky about pack rat clutter and that sort of thing so that's a problem. I hate it for her. i don't know what to say when she asks why God wouldn't let just die if she cant get any better... and it definitely effects my views on wanting to live to very old age . Any feedback appreciated.

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    One of my relatives has dementia and who had to in a seniors care facility. I've resided through the "teenager-hood" of 4 ladies which I now consider a picnic in comparison to working with a widowed seniors mother or father. Just thinking if anyone else is working with this. It would be awesome to have someone to discuss to.


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