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    Let's talk about a few of the books out this week -- the last issue of Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand" arrived, and we know that three new Ultimate series are debuting in the next couple of months -- but the original tease behind "Cataclysm" was that the Ultimate line could be ending as a result of this story. That's an interesting thing to tease, because Marvel wouldn't do that that unless they thought at least some readers might believe that's the case. When you think about the Ultimate line, do you see that there could be an end to it? Or do you view it as just as much here to stay as the main Marvel Universe?

    Alonso: Well, we've been really clear that death is final in the Ultimate Universe, so if we do kill it, we're gonna kill it dead. [Laughs] Look, if we ever do decide to blow up the Ultimate Universe, it'll be because we have a massive story to tell.

    That's interesting to hear, and it's also interesting how the Ultimate Universe seems almost defined by upheaval, with major events leading to new series being launched -- is that a byproduct of what you can do with the Ultimate Universe, and taking advantage of the fact that you can more easily bend and break things?

    Alonso: There's a flexibility to the Ultimate Universe that's different than anything out there. It's the place for us to explore, bend and even break characters -- the place where you can tell the story of Peter Parker's last stand and then see Spider-Man reborn as Miles Morales. It's also the perfect place for independent, progressive-minded writers, like Sam Humphries, Josh Fialkov or Brian Wood, to test Marvel's waters with their toe.

    "Cataclysm" was all about the Marvel Universe Galactus coming to the Ultimate Universe, the culmination of interaction between the two worlds that started with "Spider-Men" -- "Cataclysm" #5 looks to close that door, somewhat literally, so is that the last interaction between the two readers can expect to see for a while?

    Alonso: I don't want to tip our hat but there's bound to be repercussions. Look for an Easter egg in issue 5 of "All-New Invaders."
    I have nothing positive to comment.
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    I have nothing positive to comment.
    You and me both!!!
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    Drz, dudewithacar and me makes three nothing positive comments

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebari View Post
    Drz, dudewithacar and me makes three nothing positive comments
    And I make four.
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    I guess i'll be the first to say I don't have a negative comment
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