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    Default CBR SUNDAY CONVERSATION: Francis Manapul

    "Flash" co-writer/artist Francis Manapul joins CBR for the latest SUNDAY CONVERSATION, an in-depth chat with the creators of your favorite projects and their lives away from the books themselves.

    Full article here.

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    Bills shout-out! I approve, although Manapul isn't a fan.
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    I remember when Manapul was working on Flash series prior to New 52 as an artist, the book was plagued by delays. When the New 52 was announced and he was announced as the Writer/Artist, a lot of people complained that there was no way the book would come out monthly. Manapul replied that for reasons he couldn't reveal, the book was not delayed due to him and that he was on time with his work. I thought to myself - the proof is in the pudding, let's see what his output is a year from now. So here we are almost 12 months later & Flash has come out monthly, Manapul did the art duties for the first 9 issues and only got a fill-in artist for issues 10 and 11 (Marcus To). So Kudos to FM for being true to his word and getting Flash out on time! I hope he stays on the book for a long time and makes one of those legendary runs that would define his career.

    About those basketball team names, even 'Seattle Starbucks' would be a mistake. These teams were owned by corporations purely for advertisement purposes. So if there was a team owned by Starbucks, it would be called "Starbucks Coffeemakers" or something like that. I remember that PureFoods was called "Purefoods Hotdogs" and they went against teams that were named after products such as beer (Ginebra San Miguel), milk (Alaska Milk), coffee (Great Taste Coffee), liquor (Tanduay Rum, Gilbey's Gin), and textiles (U-Tex).


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