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    Default Martinbrough, Illidge and Williamson Bring "The Ren" to Life

    Shawn Martinbrough, Joseph Illidge and Gray Williamson expound on their upcoming graphic novel "The Ren," which explores a love story during the Harlem Renaissance, coming soon from First Second.

    Full article here.

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    Joe Illidge is a really good/nice guy (based on the conversations I had with online at the old comixtreme forums) and I hope that this GN is a huge success. The story sounds very interesting and the art looks really good. Heck, this GN would make a great movie.

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    Iíve followed Greyís art for some time (before I knew he had a last name). Frankly, this is something special. I donít know that a movie (a compromised product crafted by committee) could capture even half of how special I believe this graphic novelís going to be because heís drawing it.

    Iím looking forward to reading Joe Illidgeís story. His DC editorships and web content/film producing didnít prepare me to see this from him. (Iím not even going to say anything about Shawn Martinbrough because we need him to keep lifting a normal-sized head off his pillow in the morning.)

    Hopefully, in the ever-present din of mainstream re-launches and other superhero (non-)events, The Ren will find its audience.

    Iím in, anyway, ďcats.Ē


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