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    Default Does Shadow Line take place in the Image Universe?

    When Valentino came out with his Shadowhawk series, it took place in the Image Universe. Then after Splitting Image, it went into it's own universe and other comics coming out from Shadow Line took place in their own respective universes (I think that's why Shadow Line was called the non-line?). Now that Image comics share a universe again, do Shadowline comics such as Bomb Queen, Morning Glories, etc take place in the Image U or do they still take place in their own universes?

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    Only The Shadow knows.

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    There even being a shared Image Universe is a tricky thing...

    Bomb Queen certainly does. But the likes of Morning Glories do not.
    Shadowline is a publishing line, not a universe of characters. Most of their stuff is self contained.

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    The only real universe at Image is Top Cow. Everything else kinda comes and goes. We all seen how Image United worked out. I myself enjoy the mostly self contained feel most Image books have now.
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