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    Default Pipeline - Jul 31, 2012

    Augie thinks about rereading favorite works and why he doesn't do enough of it. And should he? Also, some thoughts on the McFarlane art auction, his "secret identity" and "The Walking Dead" #100.

    Full article here.

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    *****Spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises (how have you not seen it yet?!)*****

    "I'd read a number of pieces critical of "The Dark Knight Returns" in the last week. While I admit that there are a few fair points to be made against the movie, there's also a lot of people who seemed incapable of suspending their disbelief just an extra inch more for the sake of the film. Most criticisms of the film can be answered with a simple one-liner, though: "Because he's the g***amned Batman.""
    Amen! My biggest gripe with these complaints is the "how did he get back to Gotham" question. He's Batman, that's how. Maybe Nolan could have added an extra 20 minutes to the film showing how Bruce Wayne ended up back to where we knew he would eventually end up anyway. Or, you know, cut to the chase and just assume the audience can use a tiny dollop of imagination themselves.

    The internet has spawned this kind of ridiculous pedantry where people mistake ambiguity - or trusting the audience to have a basic level of intelligence and imagination - with plot holes (Prometheus is another good example of this). These kind of things aren't plot holes.

    *****Spoilers for The Walking Dead #100 (how have you not read it yet?!)*****

    As for Walking Dead #100, I do think it was a decent issue but I'd hoped that Kirkman would be a bit more ambitious as so many people would be buying this issue and it was a great chance to show just how daring and different this could be from a Marvel/DC type 'gimmick' comic. Instead they just did what both those companies' comics do far too often and gave us a popular (?) character's death. TWD is still in this repetetive pattern of "gee, we could really make a life for ourselves here" followed by "everything goes to hell" followed by "gee, we could really make a life for ourselves here." The current storyline so far hasn't been much different to what happened 50 issues ago with the Governor.

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    I've just recently given up on buying monthly comics. Marvel's Fear Itself finally broke me. The past few years I was buying less and less comics, part of it being the high cover price, part being losing interest in storylines due to constant big events driving the books rather than characters. Plus now almost everything is getting collected eventually, and it rarely takes very long for it, so I'd much rather pay more for a fancy HC or TPB book than a bunch of 'floppies'.

    Of course I'm mainly talking about Marvel (and the occasional DC stuff) there. I was already trade-waiting most everything else that I collect since the 90s, like Hellboy or whatever.

    As for re-reading or discovering older series: I just started 100 Bullets. It was always something I was interested in, but never bothered to pick up. Then when I was more tempted, I thought there were too many trades. Now that they are putting out these fancy Deluxe Edition HCs, I thought 'cool, but $50 is a bit pricy...' Then a few weeks ago I found Book I 'used' for $25 (nary a mark on it except slightly on the edges of the sleeve, it's just brand new!) so I finally caved. Started it over the weekend and OH MY GOD it's so freakin' AWESOME! Next trip to the LCS I'm buying Book II!

    Eventually I'll make my way thru the unread pile(s) that's been growing for the past year or two...

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    I'm still a Wednesday comics reader for most things. I spent a few HOURS putting away a few hundred comics last night. Even for me, finding places to keep these things is getting tough...
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    I've become a regular, re-reader, and I highly recommend it. I got started because I'm such a big Vertigo fan, and there just isn't enough current material to keep me busy. I did reread Transmetropolitan recently: just as much fun as I remembered. And over on my blog I've been chronicling my chronological trip through all of the Vertigo minseries. That's taking a lot longer than I thought! I never stopped to do the math when I started.
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