As the writer of a new graphic novel, I am very keen to seek feedback from people who are enthusiastic about comic books and would be massively grateful for any feedback you can give me; e.g. comments and likes etc. At this stage, we are preparing a book for submissions. We have created a Facebook page as a means of building an audience, also just to let people see the work we have done. Please follow the bellow link to the page.


Our story follows a boy called Messenger, known only by his role and the code CS 114. Messenger is a child soldier and a member of the F.L.A. (The Fathers Liberation Army), a rebel force under the command of the Father; their ideological, spiritual, political and military leader.

Messenger’s journey begins when his only Friend, Oseph, returns from the latest mission. Oseph is no longer the same person. Haunted, his existence is now a waking nightmare that deprives him of the most basic of needs; to eat or to sleep “It was like a curse had struck him dumb to the world.”

Kind regards

Chris McCance