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    Default Superman video game

    I just want a cool Superman video game. Why is this so difficult? I know there are others out there who share my frustration.

    Do you think we might get our wish with the new movie coming out next summer? Or is it wishful thinking?

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    Wishful thinking if it's going to be a movie tie-in game. If it's more like when "Arkham Asylum" came out after TDK did, then that'd be a better scenario. But I think the problem is that most companies don't know how to make threats credible to Superman the way they can to Spider-Man and Batman, hence they have better games.

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    Go buy Superman:Shadow of Apokolips. It's based off the animated series and is probably the best Superman game to date. The boss fights are actually pretty entertaining as well(Parasite, Livewire, Metallo). Combat is fun and the controls aren't complicated. There are even stealth missions where you play as Clark Kent. Not sure if it's on xbox, but it is on PS2 and Gamecube.
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    Superman game for the IPAD is pretty fun. :)

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    A Superman game would actually be pretty hard to make. Unless it's a glorified "quick time event" game like Azura's Wrath.

    I mean, what sort of game would it be? A free roamer like GTA but across the entire planet? That would be impossible to make with todays technology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Bravery View Post
    A Superman game would actually be pretty hard to make. Unless it's a glorified "quick time event" game like Azura's Wrath.

    I mean, what sort of game would it be? A free roamer like GTA but across the entire planet? That would be impossible to make with todays technology.
    I would like to see an enhanced and less repetitive version of the Superman Returns game which was a free roamer GTA style. It was solid in the dinning then got too repetitive.

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    to a similar thread from earlier....I want to fly to Africa and punch a rhino

    just because Im Superman and should be able to do so

    but seriously, I would like a GOOD Supes game....I remember seeing a segment online about how Superman games have progressively gotten WORSE through time
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    Its possible just gotta have the right team that knows comics & has seen alot of the TV shows based on Superman where they can come up with some good ideas to utlize everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by jediracer View Post
    I just want a cool Superman video game. Why is this so difficult?
    It's so difficult because he's Superman and therefore more powerful at the beginning of the game than most Final Fantasy bosses.
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    Default Superman cant be made into a good game MYTH, DEBUNKED

    I see alot of dumb comments when discussing a Superman game like ''I want to go to the moon in a Superman game & thats why there will be never a good superman game because that tech isnt ere yet'', not to mention the invincible excuse which gets old quick.

    The bottom line is there isnt enough desire to commit to making a great superman game. Most superhero games are cash ins for a quick buck minus the New Batman games. Rocksteady really committed to making a great game & had the ideas to go along with it with not time restraints.

    Simple solutions to the Nay sayers regarding the MYTHS of the superman games:

    1. Superman has to fight Robots all the time for combat: FALSE
    - Superman games become so bad because they are fighting drones all the time. Superman while superpowerful can still fight Magic enemies, Green Kryptonite infected enemies, Blue Kryptonite enemies & other kryptonians. This is just level combat not boss Villians like Darkside, Mettallo, Zod, Robotic Luther, Doomsday, Braniac, Bizarro etc. So you still can have Batman AA/ AC type fights with a gang of enemies where you box them up perform throws & use powers etc

    2. Superman Missions wouldnt be challenging: FALSE Yes we all know Superman cant die but that doesnt mean he cant fail a mission & have to restart/retry the level hence challenging gameplay. Like I mentioned earlier there are enemies you can fight every level that can get you a loss. There could be Missions where specifc powers need to be untilized & possibly puzzle solving added. Their could be a timer for certain missions, too many casualties can cause a retry/restart, not stopping a disaster, killing someone, getting caught in stealth missions, missing the object etc

    3. Superman games would conist of spamming Heat Vision: FALSE While heat vision is a excellent tool, not every enemy would be vulnerable to heat strikes. Some enemies could have certain weaknesses. Example Green K enemies you fight from a distance because the krypt, Blue K enemies hand to hand combat because supe has no powers, Kryptonians can fight you anyway etc There also can be a combo of different types causing you to improvise.

    4. Superman would have restraints using his powers , so it wouldnt feel like Superman: FALSE While their are plenty of limits in video game design that doesnt mean you cant cut corners to get the same effect. If full building/environment destruction is not possible in a open world, make it possible in the confined levels. Plenty of games have full destruction environments in a open world like Red Faction. And its definitely possible to Bulldoze through cars like in most racing games.

    -Superman Returns showcased the flight speeds & the heights you can travel which was pretty impressive. However you can take it a step further by once you get to the invisible wall in the sky, have it teleport you to a Space Map where your above earth. Same effect that you see in Mario games where you go in a tunnel & then you are in a new area possibly the moon or something.

    - Superspeed is possible by just slowing down time like in Spiderman 3. You walk/run at a normal speed but everything is in slow mo

    - Plenty of games allow you to swim which was left out of Superman Returns for some reason. Opening up the Ocean can add more mission possibilites aswell

    - Superman can have the X-Ray vision like Batman AC has where the entire city comes up in a mode where it showcases the enemies & weapons. Could be very usefull for finding hidden objectives or stealth missions as CK.

    - etc

    5. Superman must lose all his powers in the game: FALSE The best thing about Superman is the powers . So theres no reason to avoid that. The best thing you can do is design a game around utilizing the powers. Have certain missions require a specific power or a combination of them. Dont have to many missions where any thing goes, have em specifically designed where powers are needed to complete the objectives

    6. Superman is not a fun character: FALSE Superman may be a ''Boy Scout'' but has the abilities to do more than most games can allow not to mention all the baseic stuff. Side Missions & Quick Missions can only enhance the experience. Save lifes, stop crimes, save the environement etc

    - Bank Robberies
    - Muggings
    - Fires(Buildings, Gas station, Forrest, Car)
    - Police Chases
    - Vacating citizens
    - Drowning citizens
    - Stranded in remote areas
    - Sinking Ship
    - Transport to Hospital
    - Accident Cleanup
    - Finding Bombs
    - Finding lost kids
    - Stopping trains
    - Falling debris
    - Hostage Situations

    -Clark Kent Journalist investivaging /Batman type side missions
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    Mission Example: Just so you can understand the examples that would combine to make a challenging yet fun superman game.

    1. Clark & Lois investigate a possible crime boss posing as a legit entrepreneur
    2. While looking around you are able to use X-Ray vision on most of the facility
    3. You find evidence of some sorts but someone is approaching so you must hide
    4. Lois hides in a closet or something while Clark has to Float near the ceiling to avoid detection
    5. Once the criminals leave, you and lois must leave before uncovering the evidence
    6. Lois Lane follows up on a new lead without clark & she turns up missing
    7. You as Clark returns to the facility as Superman looking for answers(Flying Point A to B)
    8. You use your micro vision to find Lois Lane's Hair strands & dried blood
    9. The building has some rooms invisible because they are lined with led but you can hear everything
    10. You must use Super Hearing to locate the voice your hearing
    11. You come close to the room & realise its a phone call where Lois where abouts are being discussed.
    12. Once you received the location you must Fly/Run to the point before its too late.
    13. Guards have detected you on Security Camera, you must fight them all off & they are on some form of Kryptonite Blue or Green
    14. After finishing that you must be on your way to save lois
    15. Once arrived at the location enemies have already been alerted that your on your way. They are carrying Kryptonite weapons & 1 hit finishes you
    16. You must go stealth
    17. In Superspeed/Stealth mode enemies wont be able to see you because your so fast.
    18. Must make your way through obstacles in the building and avoiding hiting any walls or objects because that will set off the guards
    19. Finally Your face to face with Lois & Bomb strapped to her
    20. You now enter a disarming bomb mode where you use your heat vision to cut the correct wires
    21. Once thats done Fly Lois to safety
    22. Then Fly back to the crime boss location & take him to Jail then that leads to another mission possible tying in the main picture of the story.

    So you see your not just fighting robots in a repetitive fashion. Your Superman utilizing all his powers to complete a objective that has some depth to it & challenge.

    Im sure developers could think of more missions that can do the same. 20-25 missions would be fine with me as long as its fresh & intriguing witht he addition of free roam side missions or quick popups

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    I also think its best that most main missions consist of Lois/Clark investigating followed by ''Job for Superman'' afterwards. So your getting some detective work ala batman games & some big action

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    Superman already has a good game, Lego Batman 2.


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