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    The best part I liked was Kate confiding to Maggie about her sister and she confiding to her about having a daughter.

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    I am enjoying the villains gallery being introduced in Batwoman, and for me that was perhaps the best part of "To Drown the World." Not too happy with the way it ended, though; I expected more closure. But at least we got Bette back yay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imraith Nimphais View Post
    The children remain captured? After eleven issues? Then wot was the bloody point of this entire run so far?
    That was the only frustrating part of the issue for me - the lack of resolution to that subplot that's been running since #1.

    Apart from that, I thought it was a pretty strong issue and the best for a few months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tabo61 View Post
    The best part I liked was Kate confiding to Maggie about her sister and she confiding to her about having a daughter.
    Mine too. Kate and Maggie's relationship has been really well done through out.
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    Finally got my hands on this issue and I got to admit, I enjoyed it quite well. I felt all the plot points and the way the story came was structured finally came nicely together. Bette waking up was just wonderful and I had a big smile on my face during that point. My only problem is that I feel this ending lack a good fight between Batwoman and the villian. I'm disappointed that she didn't punch Maro at all this issue. Oh well, next time Wonder Woman is showing up and I'm quite interested in seeing how this team up will work with them going after Bloody Mary.

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    I've really been enjoying the series so far, given how distracting the disjointed storyline is going. Too non-linear; hate having to flip back and forth between current issue and back issues to figure out what I'm missing.

    That said, I'd like to see them write a less supernatural arc. I appreciate the eclectic rogue gallery they are creating for her, but how about fighting a real criminal/organization that can be put behind bars? That would at least offer some sense of closure, compared to 11 issues and no rescued children from issue #1.


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