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    Default School House Rumbles 3: The Reborn Age of Fighters RPG Discussion Thread 2

    Since the first thread has reached 10,000 posts, please us this one to discuss.

    I will leave the first thread open for a few days to make sure that everyone can copy their profiles here.

    Do not post in the first thread anymore.
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    NAME: Camryn (Cammy) Durand

    GENDER: Female

    HERITAGE/RACE: French/Caucasian

    AGE: 16

    WEAPON TYPE/MARTIAL SKILL: She has no martial skills.

    APPERANCE: 5’6, 121 lbs

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Camryn was always a bit different from the other children. She just didn’t have the same tastes. She didn’t keep up with styles, she didn’t enjoy the same music, and because of that, she never made many friends. As time went on, the friends she did have moved to other parts of the city. In the end, she was alone- most of the time, anyway. She still had parents who loved tried to help her socialize more, but it hasn’t made much of a difference. She joined sports teams- soccer/football and basketball specifically. There weren't any local teams though. The friends she made here were all spread out across a few districts. Playing sports gave her a competitive spirit and some drive, but in the end she was still alone.

    Not really having friends to talk to left her very quiet without much self-esteem to speak of. She’s smart though- fairly intuitive too. Her grades were good and her teachers spoke well of her to her parents. Despite their support, she never really excelled in her classes. She was very nearly popular once- when she discovered her powers. Then she accidentally torched a car. Her social status plummeted again, the ridicule forcing her deeper into her shell.

    And then, when things looked their bleakest, they came for her. Her parents were her only real lifeline, and was was taken away against her will. Kidnapped. Sure, the government made it look very official and sat down with her and her parents before hand, but in the end, nothing they could say or do would prevent her from being taken away. They told her that her powers made her a danger to herself and everyone around her- that she needed to be controlled. They said that left unchecked, her powers could make her a threat to the life of every man, woman, and child in the city. The Paragons told her that she was going to be put through a strict training regime, far more strict than what students normally go through. Her parents cried as they took her away. She begged them to not let them take her. They couldn't do anything.

    She hated it. She hated them. She didn't want any of this. Given the chance, she'd give up her powers and run back to her parents and give life at school another chance. She was surrounded by elemancers, elemanti, and enhancers. She had never known any- only seen them from a distance. Her district had little need for them. Part of her was excited though- maybe the other 'students' here wouldn't be so bad. Maybe she'd find somewhere she belonged. Another part wanted to burn the place to the ground. The third part just wanted to cry.

    THEME SONG: Two Steps from Hell - Elementum

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Her personal skills include an ability to be overlooked (don’t question it, she can be very demure). She’s also very observant and can play the piano to a tolerable degree.

    POWER TYPE: Elemanti

    Volcanus - Cammy's power manifests itself as the ability to control and manipulate volcanic energy, materials, and substances at will. The power of Cammy's lava is determined by her combined Fire and Earth stats.
    Rising Power I
    Rising Power II

    Rising Power - Cammy's strength has grown incredibly fast an still continues to increase. As a result of this, she has lost precise control of many of her abilities. For every level of Rising Power in an ability, it's minimum and maximum damage/power increases by 5%.

    Walking Bomb - Cammy may detonate herself in a seismic event when in her lava form, doing her Lava stat in damage in an explosion that reaches as far as an attack of her lava score should. This is very painful and leaves her drained and damaged.
    Rising Power I
    Rising Power II
    Rising Power III

    Heart of the Phoenix (Redux) - Cammy temporarily increases her Lava score by 50%. However, in this state she become much more mentally fragile. She suffers drastic and rapid mood swings and receives an receives a powerful endorphin rush by using her powers. The more she uses them, the better she feels. To steal a catchphrase, "Once you pop, you just can't stop". This state persists until she actively turns it off, is knocked unconscious, or killed.

    Blazing Aura - When Cammy is under the effect of the Heart of the Phoenix, she communes directly with the Phoenix. This connection grants her a fiery aura shaped like a phoenix that reacts to her will. Not only does it grant her self propelled flight, it also acts like a disintigration aura. Anything that touches it takes damage equal to her fire score. If the durability of the thing that touches the aura has a power that is less than or equal to the fire aura's, it is disintigrated. If the Cammy may deactivate or activate this aura at will. The aura may be expanded in size from reaching within centimeters of her to having a wingspan equal to her fire score in feet.
    Rising Power I

    -Fire (30)

    Energize - Cammy is capable of infusing inorganic materials with energy, rapidly super-heating them. The range and amount of damage/heat infused is based on Fire Power.

    Fire Affinity - Cammy has a resistance equal to her Lava Power stat to the effects of intense heat and fire while she is channeling her volcanic abilities.

    Searing Aura - Cammy is capable of energizing air, super heating it to the point where it would cauterize the lungs of someone who inhaled it without sufficient resistance to heat, which is equal or greater to Cammy's Fire power. This also disrupts all flight involving wind and all wind based attacks unless the user has a Wind score greater than Cammy's Fire score. This move can be disrupted by a Wind score 1.5x Cammy's Fire score.

    Placeholder - Cammy can make Lava-clones of herself, using a combination of fine earth tones and lava.

    Vengeance Seeker - Cammy can sense the changes of heat in the air and "see" where people have been. She can recognize specific heat signatures, unless she's dealing with clones.

    -Earth (50)

    Geomancy - Cammy can shape and control rocks, soil, etc. The power is based on her Earth power, the range is based on the GM's discretion.

    Epicenter - Cammy can produce a directed shockwave of force with power equal to her Earth stat. Cammy can produce the shockwave from any part of her body or any earth or lava/magma under her control.
    Rising Power I
    Rising Power II

    Shapeshifter - Cammy is capable of disguising herself as other people, much like she creates her clones.
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    NAME: Mack "Slim" Cavanaugh

    GENDER: Male

    HERITAGE/RACE: Caucasian

    AGE: 18

    WEAPON TYPE/MARTIAL SKILL: Knife/shiv. Mack favors switchblades and makeshift shivs easily acquired on the streets. He prefers not to fight - if he wants to hurt someone, he'd prefer to ambush them with hit-and-run tactics.

    APPEARANCE: A rawboned young man. Somewhat tall, (6'1") with light blonde hair and black eyes. Has a fondness for striped shirts.

    Attachment 91140

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: When not using his powers, Mack comes across as a brash, loudmouthed street punk. However, when using his powers, Mack becomes quiet and withdrawn so as not to attract attention.

    Mack ended up on the streets of Sector 13 at eight years of age, after his mother died due to lingering complications after a miscarriage. His father, having been unable to acquire the money needed for medical care, had a nervous breakdown and abandoned Mack in an alley. Mack mostly overcame this trauma: he compensated for his abandonment by declaring himself completely independent, an attitude that eventually blossomed into a swaggering cheerful self-confidence. However, this aversion to dependence has led to a bitter grudge against the concept of 'family': Mack generally distrusts the motives of parents and parental substitutes and refuses to associate with groups describing themselves in familial terms.

    Mack doesn't discuss his past much. He refuses to discuss his family, or how he came to be living on the streets in Sector 13, instead preferring old war stories about his old street rat friends and their shenanigans. He's spent the last ten years living by his wits, occasionally burglarizing people's homes when things got tight. And while he didn't live in the Scoop, he and his friends did visit a few times. Some of those times, they found trouble, and Mack was once forced to ambush and knife a man to save his friends. Mack has never been linked to these crimes: He was eventually picked up by a Paragon sweep as he was showing off his speed to impress some kids.

    Mack's not pleased to be at the Academy instead of living the free life of a vagrant, but he hasn't figured an out yet... at least not one that he expects would last more than a week.

    Sector 13 is rife with conspiracy theories, urban legends, and political disinformation campaigns, and Mack tends to take these as gospel. He believes in a number of odd things including an upcoming campaign by killer robots disguised as humans, with the intent to destroy the Enhanced in preparation for their final agenda of complete human extermination. Also: monkey men on the prowl in the Scoop, that Eden's dome weather is actually recycled spit, and Empowered alligators in the sewers.

    Mack's education is sorely lacking. He's obtained most of his formal education from watching the Puppet Professor show (a cross between Sesame Street and Mr. Wizard's World, with some surprisingly eclectic information hidden among the alphabet songs and chemistry lessons) seen on storefront vid displays. He still watches it religiously whenever he gets a chance despite being quite a bit over its target age range. His memory is somewhat imperfect, however, and he has a tendency to mispronounce longer words he's had little reason to use.

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Picking pockets, magic tricks.

    POWERS: (Text too long. Powers moved to here and continued here.)
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    Here's part 1, PCs

    PCs- Should be self-explanatory; these are the characters that are being played by fellow Rumblers. Note that stats are listed in order of significance.

    1. Boss Bali- KingofPie (Stamina / Water / Ancient Tech / Leyline)
    2. Camryn Durand- Chrosis (Earth / Fire / Leyline)
    3. Casimir Endellion- Cthulhu_of_R'yleh (Durability / Earth / Speed / Fire / Strength)
    4. Eisen Schneider- Ghost (Ancient Tech / Durability / Strength / Endurance / Speed)
    5. Elewa Ballo- Nik Hasta (Durability / Earth)
    6. Ember Thorn- Guy1 (Strength / Durability / Speed / Stamina)
    7. Iriesia Cramoisie- FarBeyondC (Fire / Water / Air / Durability / Earth / Speed / Stamina)
    8. Jeffry Rathberg- GranpaGen (Speed / Strength / Stamina / Durability)
    9. Kingston Sicarius- Froggy (Air / Speed / Ether)
    10. Kyra Ogawa- FalconX2000 (Strength / Speed)
    11. Lucic Erund Etem Quin- Siriel (Archaía Koiní Glóssa / Durability / Stamina)
    12. Mack Cavanaugh- Guy Smiley (Air / Speed / Stamina / Ether / Fire)
    13. Marko McCool- Ptrvc (Durability / Stamina / Strength / Speed / Ancient Tech)
    14. Maxana Lindström- Sub-Zero MKA (Earth / Fire / Ether)
    15. Nero Gatlain- Miburohunter929 (Stamina / Ether)
    16. Rivia Tristian- Tami (Light / Speed / Ether / Fire / Void)
    17. Robert Dalts- Hazard (Earth / Durability / Ether)
    18. Rosemary Brielle Vargreaves- Yun Lao (Air / Water / Ether / Fire / Earth / Speed / Stamina / Durability / Strength)
    19. Selma St. Johns- The Dog (Durability / Leyline / Strength / Stamina)
    20. Skye Cortez- WickedElphaba (Earth / Speed / Strength / Durability)
    21. Sloane- Eternal Torment (Speed / Stamina / Ether / Durability / Strength)
    22. Takeshi Sato- Rhyvurg (Stamina / Fire / Durability / Speed / Strength)

    As always, let me know if something is wrong.
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    And here's part 2- Player and Game Master NPCs

    Game Master NPCs- NPCs created by the Cleric of Hell's Brigade, the Game Master

    1. Bale Volkov
    2. Gulliver Forte Tantalus
    3. Hilda Agnar (Commander)
    4. Hunter Snow
    5. Khal'ud, Prince of the Gan
    6. Matthew LaMat
    7. Owen John Vatta
    8. Salem Suzuki
    9. Unknown (The Whistling Man / Singin' Jay)
    10. Xaric Raveneye

    Specific NPCs- NPCs created by Rumblers

    1. Brandy Amanda Wallace (Tami)
    2. Burt Marion & Virginia Jane St. Johns (The Dog)
    3. Coppelia Schneider (Ghost)
    4. Diego Dynamo (KingofPie)
    5. Doctor Diedrich Schneider (Ghost)
    6. Ivan Krieg (Kevin M)
    7. John Dalts (Hazard)
    8. Josef Lindström (Sub-Zero MKA)
    9. Judith Rathberg (GrandpaGen)
    10. Kirby St Johns (The Dog)
    11. Kugel Schneider (Ghost}
    12. Lydia Watts (GrandpaGen)
    13. Milia Albright (Eternal Torment)
    14. Ramilia Orikagi (Sub-Zero MKA)
    15. Rivia's Family (Tami)
    16. Savannah Lindström (Sub-Zero MKA)
    17. Schablone Schneider (Ghost)
    18. The Cramoisie, or at least some of them (FarBeyondC)
    19. Xim (The Dog)

    As always, let me know if something is wrong.
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    NAME: Sloane the Snowblower

    GENDER: Male

    HERITAGE/RACE: Caucasian/Native

    AGE: 18

    WEAPON TYPE/MARTIAL SKILL: Dual bone cleavers and other knives mixed with brawling

    APPEARANCE: Sloane is a rather large man (6'0 and 195 pounds). His head is clean shaven, and capped with a black toque. Aside from his hat, the only clothing he wears are a heavy red apron along with a pair of red work pants and cleated boots. His face is average, yet has a deeply disturbing feel to it at the same time.

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Sloane is both morbid and talkative, a rare combination that keeps people from getting too close with him. He's accustomed to being alone, however. He works as a butcher of corpses both animal and human. The latter he deals with on the side, though. Nobody other than his special customers need to know he disposes of the dead in such a fashion. He does not partake in human meat or sell it, though. Instead, he merely disposes of these victims in an acid bath after carving them into more manageable pieces. Certain aspects of his methods led to his nickname as 'The Snowblower', one that he has adopted even though he does not care much for it.

    Beyond this unlawful disposal of the dead, Sloane does not engage in other criminal activities. His solitary life is centered around his work, but he recently had to close down his shop after a fire burned the place to the foundation. Luckily for Sloane, he had saved up enough over the year, enough to enroll in the Arcadia Academy. His reasons for pursuing a higher education are unknown, but he is not the type that holds grudges. Perhaps he seeks a new lifestyle, or maybe a renewal of his old ways...

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Dressing meat and Juggling

    POWER TYPE: Enhancer/Ether
    - Speed 43
    - Strength 1
    - Durability 3
    - Stamina 13

    - Ether 20

    Sever the Skies: Sloane can divide or multiply the effects of gravity on him and what he carries. This gravity manipulation can be selective, so he can make himself lighter while making something he holds heavier and vice-versa.

    Sever the Dead: By manipulating the bonds between molecules, Sloane can weaken inorganic materials by touching them, reducing their durability by his Ether score.

    Sever the Escape: With a clench of his hand, Sloane can disable alternate modes of locomotion that don't use normal human movements. That is to say, he can shut down or at least hinder powers like teleportation and flight, but they can still can do things like run around at superspeed or manually burrow through the ground. This power covers a number of meters equal to Ether, and he can exclude people from its effects.

    Sever the Vengeful: Sloane can create small mirror like shields that automatically react when struck by enemy attacks. Once triggered, they immediately project cutting attacks with power equal to Ether and speed equal to Sloane's. These projectiles are capable of affecting even intangibles and energy beings, and auto-target the people that set off the shields.

    Sever the Distance: With a clench of his hand, Sloane can bind a target within a number of meters equal to his Ether score. A cocoon of blindingly white ropes appears around the chosen target, encircling it and crushing it to a pulp with a strength determined by his points in Ether. The ropes also serve as a channel for Sloane's other Ether powers, allowing him to affect the target as if it was being touched by him.
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    "Ich werde sie fixieren. Ich werde alles fixieren."

    NAME: Eisen Schneider

    GENDER: Female/Gynoid.

    HERITAGE/RACE: German/Robot

    AGE: 16.

    WEAPON TYPE/MARTIAL SKILL: Hunter Attacker Tactical Evaluation System. (HATES.)
    -Riesenrichter: A sword built into Eisen's right arm.


    Height: 150 cm.
    Weight: 95 kg.
    Eyes: Blue.
    Hair: Golden blond.

    A petite girl, blonde and fair-skinned, slender in build and small for her age. She carries around a doll named Satchel, which reinforces the impression that she is younger then she really is.

    THEME SONG: Remote Control.

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Eisen was brought up in Sector 1 by her uncle, Doctor Deidrich Schneider - a brillaint yet eccentric scientist. Having been raised and home schooled in the doctor's enormous labroratory of a home, she has led an extremely sheltered life.

    Never the less, eventually her uncle finally decided to let her go outside for once. While nobody is entirely sure what transpired that day, it ultimately resulted in Eisen sending three grown men to the healing tanks of the local hospital. In light of this, Dr Schneider decided to send her to the Arcadia academy, both to learn to control her immense strenght better and to get some much-needed social exposure.

    Eisen is a bright and cheerful girl, but somewhat naive due to her upbringing. Her isolation did not make her shy - quite the contrary, she approaches her brave new world with the innocence and wide-eyed curiosity of a four-week old kitten. While normally very friendly, her inexperience at interacting with other people can sometimes make her behavior come across as rather odd to others. She also has a habit of talking to herself when she thinks nobody can hear her.

    VERBAL QUIRK: Immitating Dr Schneider, Eisen has taken to peppering her speech with German words and phrases.

    Technology-savvy: Having grown up in the home of a genius inventor, Eisen has aquired a good hand with technology, particularly computers - she knows her way around software as well as hardware.
    Keen Memory: Eisen has an unusually good memory for details and has made a habit of memorizing any information she thinks might come in handy in the future.

    POWER TYPE: Enhancer.
    -Strenght: 12
    -Durability: 12
    -Speed: 3
    -Endurance: 3
    -Ancient Tech: 50


    A mysterious piece of ancient technology that reverses the effects of enthropy. (But does not in fact reverse enthropy itself.) It works by analyzing the structure of a physical object retroactively into the past and then converts energy into matter to reconstruct the object using its past structure as a reference. This allows it to heal wounds, but also repair damaged machinery, purify poluted substances, etc.

    The more matter needs to be reconstructed, the more energy AntiStigma requires, and the the further back it needs to go to find an appropriate reference, the more processing power it demands. In other words, repairing a cellphone from before the Last War may not be possible because it has been broken for too long, and repairing a recently destroyed building may not be possible because it would require too much energy.

    While primarily a restorative ability, AntiStigma can potentially be used offensively - for example by negating other healing or regenerative abilities, thereby restoring wounds. However, it can only reset matter to a previous state, never apply new changes to it.

    While using this ability to its full extent, Eisen's hair starts to glow and a halo-like ring of blue light appears over her head.

    --- AntiStigma Homing Laser: Combining Antistigma with her blaster, Eisen can fire homing beams from her halo that can scan and reconstruct whatever matter they strike. This lets her heal multiple targets from a distance.

    Strahl Kanone - E-Blaster: An energy weapon built into Eisen's left hand, opposite to Reisenrichter. It manifests as a glowing blue ring in front of her fist (similar to the one appearing over her head when using AntiStigma, except smaller) from which she can fire a focused energy beam.

    --- Homing Laser: Eisen fires multiple beams from her halo. While slightly weaker than her standard E-Blaster, these beams can home in on a target, as well as hit multiple targets at once.

    Wandenreich - EVA Field: Short for "Eucledian Vector Antagonist" field, this ability lets Eisen deploy an energy shield that negates the motion of anything that comes in contact with it. Thus it will halt attacks that cannot overpower the shield and slow down or weaken attacks that can.

    Engel Tanzen - Force Repulsors: Glowing blue rings form around Eizen's wrist and ankles, generating a force that lifts her into the air, allowing her to fly.

    Raumshritte - Urenbeck Catapult: Allows Eisen teleport by warping space, generating sudden movement that instantly flings her to her desired position.

    0-Sicht - Prime Radiant: A program that uses statistical calculations to predict combat events and evaluate possible outcomes. Essentially, it lets Eisen's battle computer anticipate and react to things before they happen, giving her a form of combat precognition.

    Täuschung Licht - Hologram Projector: Allows Eisen to project holographic contructs at any point in space up to a distance of a meter per Ancient Tech point. The holograms are of the "hard light" type and can interact with physical objects and people, and they are extremely accurate in appearance.

    Drachentöter- Beam Saber: Eisen focuses her energy into the blade of Riesenrichter, creating an edge of plasma that greatly enhances the sword's cutting power while shielding it from other energy attacks. While Drachentöter is active, Eisen cannot use her blaster abilities.

    ??? - ???: Will think of this later.
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    NAME: Boss Bali

    GENDER: Male

    HERITAGE/RACE: Chinese mixed with some Native American.

    AGE: 17

    THEME SONG: Human Tornado Theme


    WEAPON TYPE/MARTIAL SKILL: Drunken Boxing. Carries a gourd full of a certain type of alcohol with him.

    APPERANCE: Height: 6’3. Weight: 225.

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Boss was raised in a shelter alongside other children in Sector 10 that his family helped run and provide funding for, though they often needed more than a few outside donations to back the funding of the school. Boss took it upon himself to be the mediator between disputes among the other children, which earned him a nickname that stuck; Boss. Nowadays, Boss can be incredibly lazy at times (to call him laid back would be an injustice) when it comes to conflict, believing most situations to be not worth the effort of actually getting up and doing something. Though this does not mean that he doesn’t enjoy combat. On the contrary, the reason he doesn't act is because he believes that many fights he finds himself in are beneath him and not worth the effort needed to dispose of. 'Only go after the big fish', is a common phrase he says.

    This is part of the reason he was excited to join the academy. Join up with them, you'll get to fight the big fish. The worthy challenges. The crooks who really deserve it.If he thinks a fight will provide a worthy challenge, he’ll often be one of the first to step up and fight it.

    Boss can’t stand to see a wrong done to someone who doesn’t deserve it, no matter who it is or what side of the law they're generally on. Boss does however tolerate low level criminals, those that steal because they need to as well as certain branches of Edan's mobs as they helped fund his family's shelter when they were having financial troubles. Boss has also had something of a talent for inventing , attempting to design a series of steam powered security drones for Edan. Unfortunately for him, the steam he empowers his machinations with always drains rapidly, rendering the robots functionally useless for the most part, much to Boss’s annoyance.

    Boss was trained in the martial arts by his grandparents. He particularly looked up to his grandfather and as such, adopted more than a few of his mannerisms.

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Skilled with musical instruments. Adept at inventing machinery (steam powered).

    POWER TYPE: Elemancer/Ancient Tech/Leyline
    -Water: 15
    -Stamina: 20
    -Ancient Tech: 25
    -Leyline: 20

    Mystic Steamboat: Boss releases pressurized water from his pores as steam, surrounding himself and anything within a fifty foot radius of him in a dense mist, which only he can see through. Also what he uses to power his machines.

    Impurity Release: Steam releases out of his pores, curing him of any impurity's in his bloodstream, which includes poison, alcohol, and certain diseases.

    Steam-Self: Boss converts his entire body into a corporeal steam form. In this form he can phase through normally solid objects. In addition to this, what would normally be a standard physical attack in his regular state becomes a quick firing jet of steam that passes through the opponent, transferring pain through their body. The time limitation has passed.

    Steam-Rocket: Jets of steam shoot out in bursts from Boss' shoulders, boosting his speed temporarily and granting him the ability to leap tall distances.

    Ancient Tech:

    Empowered Enviro-Containment Suit: Boss's new containment suit that fully sustains his condition (t doesn't cure it). It's nanotech changes constantly to replicate any bodily functions that are unable to work due to them shifting into steam. The nanobots also stabilize Boss' condition. It's shoulder pads eject and become two scavenger drones that locate and pick up salvage.

    An image of the suit: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	suitzup1.jpg 
Views:	32 
Size:	57.6 KB 
ID:	98175

    M.A.N.T.A: Marine All-terrain Nanotech Transforming Airtank: An all purpose vehicle around the sign of a minivan. It's seperate parts are held together and kept functioning through nanotechnological protocols, including self-repair (which is based on Boss' regeneration ability.). It's around the size of a large minivan, though there's only one pilot's seat.

    It can shift from a land based mini-tank, a mini-submarine, and a mini-jet. It's offensive capabilities include rapid fire pulsar missiles.

    P.H.A.N.T.O.M Mk1: Plasmic Hidden Amphibious Nano Techno-Organic Machine: When Boss had originally envisioned it's design, he had in mind, a gel programed by nanobots to shape itself into a clone of Boss. It could fight and function on it's own if Boss commanded it to, but it also linked to Boss's nanites and was able to copy his movements exactly and also emit a paralyzing mist-gas to immobilize foes.

    Through powering it with leyline energy, an unforseen event happened. The sand which the leyline had been focused through once was home to a lizard-like amphibious creature years ago. It's spirit still lingering in the Earth, Boss accidentally drew it out through the leyline and transferred it into the plasma, making it now a sort of ectoplasm.

    Now in addition to the above listed abilities, the P.H.A.N.T.O.M is shaped like an amphibious lizard-creature and can now operate under water (should the need arise) and camouflage itself. Unfortunately, it is more difficult for Boss to control now and when forced to operate on it's own, the creature relies on instinct instead of pre-programmed commands.

    Impactor Lance and Shield: Utilizing more of his own nanites and Martian dampening technology, Boss has created a new weapon. A lance and shield. The lance's attack is equal to Boss' ancient tech score.

    The shield releases an empowered dampening field for anyone Boss registers as hostile or is attempting to attack Boss within ten feet of him. The field dampens currently only enhancer and ancientl tech abilities when the user's are within it's ten foot range by subtracting a number equal or less than his ancient tech score and adds the difference to his lance's attack.

    His weapons can dampen and absorb the difference of the enhancer stats, one at a time, and the ancient tech stats of an enemy once per a battle. After this he can still dampen them but no longer put points into his lance.

    D.I.N.O.S.A.U.R: Dampening Impactor-tech Nanobot Operated Strike Armor Unleashes Reflector-rays. Boss' new in invention built from studying his newfound knowledge of Martian tech, Dwarven crafting, and Hunter Snow and Baldric's ether cores. This invention combines and improves upon the MANTA, PHANTOM, and Impactor Lance and shield.

    Nanites increase the PHANTOM's size by three times as the MANTA dismantles and forms flight capable armor around it. The Impactor shiled rests on the senter of it's stomach while three impactor lances for a trio of triceratops style horns on the creatures head.

    It's powered, not just by nanites, but a special steam power. The steam, being Boss himself in mist-mode. This is how the DINOSAUR's capabilities are fully utilized. Boss has acces to most of the the PHANTOM and MANTA's capabilities in this form as well as improved abilities or his shield, though he cannot use any of his water abilities aside from mist-mode in this form.

    The three new impactor lances and shield are now able to absorb from any power type. Tech and enhancer power points are put into the DINOSAUR's attack strength/ancient tech. The ether and leyline power points go to speed. And the elemanti power points go to stamina. All the other rules from the lance and shield still currently apply.

    The dampener shield is also upgraded with reflector technology in this mode. I addition to dampening attacks it can reflect other forces back such as physical attacks or ether attacks. Elemanti or leyline techniques can't be reflected and Boss can only reflect attacks he know are coming.

    Lastly, the PHANTOM's paralytic breathe is replaced in this form with a different ability. Boss is able to launch a gelatinous blue blob substance that latches onto opponents and can explode mentally on Boss' command.

    This form....may or may not be prone to Rampages.


    The First Phantom Dragon Zhulong: The first technique of the phantom dragon style. Boss zooms around an opponent(s) with his Steam Jets, carving a leyline symbol onto the ground. Then he leaps above and draws a steam leyline symbol in the sky above. The two symbols encircle the opponent(s). trapping them in a burning tornado of chi.

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    NAME: Takeshi Sato

    GENDER: Male

    HERITAGE/RACE: Asian/Caucasian

    AGE: 18

    THEME SONG: Skillet-Monster


    APPERANCE: 5'10", 190lbs

    His sweet car: (that he will probably never see again)

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Takeshi's father works on the edge of the city, maintaining the machines used to expand the dome and reclaim more of the Earth. His mother, who left the family when he was 12, lives in Sector 3 and writes computer software for the government. He learned his skills from the both of them, but he's a comparative rookie. His powers manifesting is what caused his mother to leave, and he plans on enduring the government's training only long enough to be allowed to leave and live on his own.

    He moved out of the mobile dwelling his father had on the edge of town and got a place in Sector 10, working odd jobs and handyman stuff in hazardous areas, and maintaining the weapons and tech of some of the gangs in the area in exchange for nonaggression pacts with them. He occasionally does the "hero thing" but he doesn't see it as a calling like many mutants do. He's more of a roll with the punches kind of guy, enduring rather than opposing hardship.

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Gunsmithing, vehicle repair, basic first aid, software engineering

    Points: 80
    POWER TYPE: Enhancer
    Durability 10
    Stamina 20
    Strength 10
    Speed 10
    Fire 30

    Consuming Might of the Fire Dragon
    Fire burns, that it it's nature and purpose. And all things that exist on the earth must bow to that purpose. When this power is active, the black lines on Takeshi's body glow with heat. Any non-Fire elemental power or effect that would affect Takeshi is consumed by his fire, reducing it's effectiveness or negating it all together if it lacks sufficient power.

    Power rank expansion: Consuming Might now lessens the power of Ether and Leyline abilities.

    Blazing Tyrant's Talons
    The dragon needs no weapons to strike down his foes, his inherent might is sufficient. Takeshi can create blades of plasma on his fingertips, 3 inches long and slightly curved, adding his Fire stat to the damage of his strikes.

    Power rank expansion: The talons have grown to become scaled gloves and boots, still made of plasma, that cover his forearms and shins. This effect is purely cosmetic.

    Wyrm's Pinions
    The dragon is not earthbound like lesser beings, the sky is his his domain. Takeshi can create wings of fire from his back for flight, but they create an aura of heat around him.

    The exhalation of the dragon is death, tempt his wrath at your peril. Takeshi can exhale either a constant 40ft stream of fire, or fire explosive fireballs.

    Draconic Apotheosis
    To strike the Dragon is to test yourself against his fire. Takeshi can surround his body in a plasma shell, shaped like a dragon. This shell increases his apparent size by 200%, and he can cause it to burn anything it touches, but this effect is not automatic. It also provides protection from attack.

    Fear no Fire
    How can the Dragon be harmed by it's own nature? To attempt is folly, for not only are you doomed to fail, you only fan his flames to greater heights. Whenever Takeshi is affected by a Fire effect, he feeds on it's heat, lessening it's power and boosting his own for a few seconds, long enough for one slash or fireblast.

    Sword of the King:
    The greatest tyrants were not born to power, they seized it, at the tip of a sword. A king must be ready to prove his power to his thralls, and the Dragon is no different. And to oppose the Fire Tyrant is to welcome death. This blade of focused energy shifts in shape as the fire flickers, having no definite form. It has no greater striking power than the Talons, but it weaves and commands all forms of energy as they bow to the all-powerful might of Fire. The blade can catch and redirect hostile energy effects to new targets of Takeshi's choosing, and any weapon used to parry it not created by a power effect of equal or greater rank is consumed utterly, savagely wiped from existence as punishment for standing against the Dragon.
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    Yay, there's finally a convenient source of water around to make ice transport with.

    Also, I want to post my character sequentially, but I just know someone's going to post in between postings.
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    If Nero knew Takeshi had a car, he would key the fucking shit out of it.
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    NAME: Rivia Tristian

    GENDER: Female

    HERITAGE/RACE: Primarily Irish/Scottish/Welsh/French

    AGE: 17

    Theme Musics: Rivia's Theme - Lonely Soul; Rivia's Love - Song From A Secret Garden; Rivia's Combat - Light my Fire

    WEAPON TYPE/MARTIAL SKILL: Medieval European Style Sword Fighting (started training in Fencing). Weapon – Claymore (can handle a Rapier as well).

    APPEARANCE: Height 5’6”, Weight 129, Hair Red, Eye Color Copper-Brown.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	redhair3.jpg 
Views:	41 
Size:	42.0 KB 
ID:	97146

    CHARACTER HISTORY & PERSONALITY: Rivia was born into a somewhat normal family. Her father was a ‘Normal’ who worked a low level management position in a metal recycling factory, her mother a Class E Speed Enhancer who left her government job to be a stay-at-home mom once their daughter was born.

    When Rivia was 3, her mother took her to her father’s place of work. While she was in her mother’s arms, her parents were discussing something near the entrance to the office area, a factory worker, a Fire Elemanti ‘Loses It’. Barging into the office area, he starts to set the place on fire. His first targets, Rivia and her mother. While the mother was able to use her speed to avoid the fire blast and protect her, her father was not so lucky. Rivia watched in horror as her father was torched. Fortunately, other workers were able to save him and subdue the rogue worker. This event, however, left a lasting impression on the child.

    14 years later, Rivia was being pushed to attend one of the schools. Having no interest in attending, she found a way to postpone it. A year later, she was given no choice.

    She is highly intelligent, yet has a secret dislike for empowered humans. Not all, since she does love her parents, but regards many as more trouble than they are worth. Being empowered herself only makes her more frustrated. Her personality seems to adapt to whomever she happens to be with. To those she trusts, she is friendly and outgoing. To those she dislikes/mistrusts, she can be cold and distant, even hostile.

    She also has a mild (severe) aversion to fire and flames, one that was once much worse. She has not actively sought to develop her powers, so much so that she was considered a Grade F for a time before the experts realized how much she was holding back and upped her Grade Level.

    She grew up in a nice, middle class area of District 4. Has a famous, ancient ancestor.

    PERSONAL SKILLS: Interior design (including drawing and sketching her ideas) and Fashion design (including drawing and sketching her ideas).

    POWER TYPE: (Elemancer)
    Light (25)
    Fire (10)
    Ether (15)
    Void (10)
    Speed (10)
    Leyline (10)


    Little Friends (All Elemental)
    • Pixies: Her earliest manifestation of her power sometimes connected to her emotions. A swarm of tiny lights (in their original form) that dance around her apparently randomly if uncontrolled. When controlled, she can make them do many things, including form a sphere of moving lights in her hands. Pixies are now subordinate to her Fairies, swarming around and aiding them in their tasks. Used to do all the heavy lifting and other 'menial' chores. Pixies can now appear as 'Dark Light" when the Dark Fairies are present.
    • Light Fairies: Evolved form of Pixies, Light Fairies have actual physical bodies made of Light/Fire and Ether Energies. Each one has their own personalities and abilities. These abilities can be imparted to Rivia, used to bolster her own abilities, or used independently. Each Fairy can replicate, or appear to replicate themselves to do various tasks or create various effects.
      • Chloe, the first to manifest, is childlike and playful but at times a bit shy. Chloe specializes in 'Hide and Seek', invisibility and finding that which is invisible.
      • Félicité is more aggressive and protective. Félicité specializes in Shield and Sword, light shields and weapons.
      • Gisčle loves to dance and always seems happy, even under the most darkest conditions. Her specialty is Art, Dance, Communication and Imaging.
      • Lucien usually appears as a translucent moth or butterfly, but also has a male humanoid form. His specialty is Illusions, Transformations, and Reflections.

    • Embodiment of Light: Her body takes on the appearance of light, shining brightly and seemingly to be ghost-like as if she was made of light.
      • Laser Light: Her whole body becomes like a living laser, destroying whatever she focuses on.
      • Pressure Wave: Light exerts a force on physical objects, this force is powerful enough to push or move objects away or towards whatever she wishes.
      • Solid Light Constructs: Able to mimic the effects of solid objects using light energy.
        • Basic Shapes: Bands, walls, tubes, circles, squares, anything with a simple or near-simple geometric shape.
        • Weapons: >And not just your great-grandmothers Light Sabers!<

    • Embodiment of Fire: First her eyes, then her whole body turn white like the whitest flames.
      • Living Flame: When conditions are right, as in when the need far outweighs her fears, her body can act like fire, emitting heat and becoming hot to the touch. Hot enough to burn whatever she has contact with.
      • Fire Within: When in contact with it, absorbs Fire within herself, feeding off of it. Once absorbed, the fire is transformed into a type of Bio-Elemental-Energy that can be stored and used later in certain effects. Prolongs extent to which bio-energy based powers can operate. Or can be used to prolong her own life in cases of extreme injury or aliment. Has to be used within 24 hours or it fades away.
      • Pyromancy: Ability to divine glimpses of the future by focusing on fire or even a single flame. Often the images and sounds are subject to interpretation, but occasionally they are spot-on accurate.

    • Embodiment of Kū: Kū/Void, the elemental force of creation and destruction. First her eyes turn black, then her whole body.
      • In the Beginning: In this form, with a touch, she can explosively deconstruct matter.
      • Dark Needle: Powered by negative emotions, or the pain and suffering of others, a dark energy buildisn within her and can be unleashed as a very fine, straight line blast of dark energy. This energy, when it hits a target, pierces through them leaving behind not only a damaging hole in their body, but an emotional poison that can grow and incapacitate them. Once the needle passes through an inanimate object, it creates a hole that expands several feet - diameter as it disintegrates the matter around it.
      • Dark Passage: Taps into the Void to create passageways through space, even through matter. Almost like a wormhole, only more controlled and localized.

    • Transference: The ability to impart aspects or properties of her powers into objects and people for short periods of time.
    • Open Eyes/Open Mind: Her speed enhanced nervous system, boosted by Ether Energies, not only gives her heightened senses, but it also certain psychic abilities beyond those of normal humans.
      • Clairvoyance: Includes -
        • Ability to detect energies and powers, even leyline and ether energy.
        • Ability to 'Read' objects or people, to gain information about them. Including anticipating actions during combat.
        • Ability to sense the presence of magical and inhuman creatures and spirits and see them even when others can't.
        • Telepathy - slowly becomes stronger as her overall powers increase.
      • Gestalt Mind : Using her psychic powers to draw the minds of others into her own and with it their powers to create something even more powerful.

    • Soul Fire: Combines Leyline energy with Bio-energy to enhance or make solid any of her other elemental techniques. Can be used to create solid constructs out of any elemental energy, or add a 10% power boost to her techniques. May also be combined with her other energies in ways that counter certain negative (dark/evil) energies. Uses up bio-energy/life energy/soul energy if used too often.
    • Magic Circle: By tracing a circle around on the ground around herself, objects or other people, then infusing that circle with Leyline energy, she can create a barrier. This barrier can be used to protect, entrap, store and manipulate energy, or summon lesser beings empowered by leyline energy.
    • Lupus Transform: Uses Leyline energy to transform into a real wolf. In this transformed state she retains her own mind, but her powers shift. She loses her Light powers in exchange for an equivalent speed enhancement. She loses her Fire powers in exchange for an equivalent strength enhancement. She loses her Void powers in exchange for an equivalent Durability enhancement. Note, her clothes and possessions don't change, so it's a good thing she doesn't get embarrassed easily.
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    Default Iriesia Cramoisie- Main

    Aliases: Irie; other aliases currently secret.


    Iriesia, at 6 feet and 162 pounds, hasn't really noticeably changed since the time this photo was taken.

    Date of Birth: 91 - 981 RE (19)

    Gender: Female

    Heritage: None or- to be accurate- no one in particular.

    History: As the oldest living child of Galimany Savadi and Garnier Cramoisie, Iriesia stands to inherit the legacies of both her parents- or at least she would have, had she not adamantly refused to do so. What possessed her to do something that many could rightfully consider the dumbest decision of her life? There are perhaps five people in all of Eden, aside from herself, who know the real answer to that question. The only thing that's really known is that whatever it was that caused her to reject her inheritance must involve the circumstances surrounding the death of her older brother Janias and the rumors of two groups who are suspected to be a party to the events which led to his end.

    Has a home in Eden's 7th sector, which she has owned and lived in since those events. How she manages what is a ridiculously expensive lifestyle- despite cutting herself off from her family's funds- is a mystery, and one that it's a good idea to leave alone.

    Personality: Consistently inconsistent, though always self-consistent. Possessed both of no sense of self-preservation and a very strong tendency to work herself past the point of no return.

    Race: Composite.

    Secrets: You cannot grasp the true form of Iriesia's secrets. Or, in other words, there'll be something here when I feel like putting something here, and not one second before.

    • Martial:
      • Fighting Style- A (not yet seen in-game) mix of freerunning and wrestling (freestyle & submission).
      • Weapons- Constructs of ice / water, and anything else she can get her hands on.
    • Other:
      • Cooking- The origins of her interest in the culinary arts was rooted in the possibility of gaining better control over her emergent abilities through it's practice- an idea jokingly suggested by Deke, of all people. That interest almost immediatedly became an obsession, much to the early horror of almost all of her family and friends. That isn't to say that she was then a bad cook- though there were quite a few 'incidents' that left scars that to this day trigger fits of hysteria. The problem is that her idea of normal cuisine is seriously skewed towards the 'difficult'- that is, those foods that are hard (if not impossible) for most people to be in the same room with, much less eat. That suits her- who believes that anything worth having is worth suffering for- just fine, though.
      • Selective Focus- Even before the emergence of her powers, Irie possessed the ability to focus on one thing, to the exclusion of anything else (including basic involuntary processes and reflexes); its previously random nature generally hurt her more than it helped- which says a lot, given how much it has helped and is still helping.


    Current / Initial Power Type: Empowered (Elemancer) / Empowered (Elemanti)

    • Elemanti:
      • Air- 1 (Initial (0) + Earned (1) + Bonus (0))
      • Earth- 1 (Initial (0) + Earned (1) + Bonus (0))
      • Fire- 30 (Initial (5) + Earned (18) + Bonus (7))
      • Water- 35 (Initial (5) + Earned (19) + Bonus (11))
    • Enhancer:
      • Durability- 1 (Initial (0) + Earned (1) + Bonus (0))
      • Speed- 3 (Initial (0) + Earned (3) + Bonus (0))
      • Stamina- 3 (Initial (0) + Earned (3) + Bonus (0))
      • Strength- 1 (Initial (0) + Earned (1) + Bonus (0))
    • Other:
      • Soluna, The Paradox of Fire & Water- 5 (Initial (0) + Earned (5) + Bonus (0))
    • Total: 80

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    Default Iriesia Cramoisie- Initial Abilities & Notes

    Initial Abilities

    • Advanced Thermoception (Rank 0)- Thermoception is the ability to sense temperature and heat; many organisms (including normal human beings) possess this ability in varying degrees. Iriesia's thermoception, enhanced by her affinity with fire, is a bit special; it has three modes (passive, semi-active, and active), each with its own properties.
      Passive Mode
      • The range of heat / temperature sensing is equal to the limits of Iriesia's control over fire.
      • The sensitivity- in other words, the minimal difference in temperature she can detect- of the power is (in Kelvin) equal to 10 / Fire Affinity (In Fahrenheit, it would be equal to 18 / Fire Affinity).
      Semi-active Mode
      • In addition to the normal range from passive mode, semi-active mode has an extended range equal to the limits of Iriesia's control over fire; in other words, the total range of heat / temperature sensing in semi-active mode is equal to twice the limits of Iriesia's control over fire.
      • The sensitivity of the power within the normal range is equal to 1 / Fire Affinity in Kelvin (1.8 / Fire Affinity in Fahrenheit) and is equal to 10 / Fire Affinity in Kelvin (18 / Fire Affinity in Fahrenheit) within the extended range.
      • Heat Overload, Minor- Except for when using her own heat manipulation abilities, sufficently rapid increases in heat within semi-active mode's normal range can overload her senses, temporarily shutting down her ability to sense heat. The maximum positive change in temperature Iriesia can withstand before a minor overload happens is equal to 100 * Fire Affinity; should the increase in temperature exceed this value, Iriesia will be unable to sense heat / temperature for a number of seconds equal to her Fire Affinity.
      Active Mode
      • Unlike passive and semi-active mode, there technically isn't a normal range; the limits of heat / temperature sensing in this mode are not defined by distance. Instead, what was in previous modes called the normal range is here called the critical range.
      • As stated before, the limits of heat / temperature sensing are not limited by distance in active mode; instead, Iriesia can sense changes in temperature from any range, provided the change is at least equal to her sensitivity at the given distance. To find her sensitivity to heat at a given distance, use the following equations:
        • Heat Sensitivity at a given Distance = 1.0 * (Distance / Radius of Fire Control)3 / Fire Affinity (in Kelvin)
        • Heat Sensitivity at a given Distance = 1.8 * (Distance / Radius of Fire Control)3 / Fire Affinity (in Fahrenheit)
      • Heat Overload, Major- Except for when using her own heat manipulation abilities, sufficently rapid increases in heat within active mode's critical range can overload her senses, temporarily dazing Iriesia. The maximum positive change in temperature Iriesia can withstand before a major overload happens is equal to 100 * Fire Affinity2; should the increase in temperature exceed this value, Iriesia will be rendered unconscious for a number of seconds equal to her Fire Affinity, and will in addition be unable to sense heat / temperature for a number of seconds thereafter equal to her Fire Affinity squared.
    • Heat Bridge (Rank 5)- Iriesia- attuned to fire in such a way that she can sense the heat around her like few other- has always wondered if it were possible to move the heat she sensed; in what was eventually verified as an act of self-defense, she discovered that she could indeed do so. Iriesia can- with a thought- create a 'bridge' of sorts (either one-way or two-way) connecting two points within range. This bridge allows for the transfer of heat between those two points- the heat travelling the distance between those points in a path defined within her mind. Iriesia can neither force heat into nor take heat from a resisting object unless she has direct contact with the object and only while she has direct contact with the object. In addition, transferring heat from an resisting object requires that Iriesia overcomes any means of defense that the object has (several means of defense include, but aren't limited to Durability, Stamina, and having points in Fire).

    • Hydrokinesis (Rank 0)- The ability to move water (and water containing objects) around within a range equal to the limits of Iriesia's control over water. For an unresisting or completely caught off guard organism, hydrokinesis works without impediment; however, using hydrokinesis to move a resisting organism directly is tricky, and in some cases impossible. Here's what happens in such a case:
      1. Irie notices (usually by sight) water- or an object containing water- within range that she wants to affect and that is moving slowly enough that she can track its movement.
      2. Within her mind, she locks on to the water or water containing object. Assuming that she's targeting a person (or another living creature):
        • If the person has water abilities, then they notice immediately that someone's attempting to do something to them and can nullify the lock on (provided they have equal or greater water ability), even if they themselves cannot move water around like this.
        • If the person has equal or greater durability, the lock on fails.
        • If the person has equal or greater stamina, Iriesia tires at an accelerated rate depending on how much stamina the person has compared to her.
        • If the person has motion related body control abilities, then they also notice immediately that someone's attempting to do something to them.
      3. Once she has the target within her mind, she can apply force in any direction to the target.
        • If the target is free water, she can separate the target into parts.
        • If the target is an object containing water, she can only move the target around in a general fashion (i.e. the target can still move while being moved and the target cannot have the water within it extracted).
    • Water Compression (Rank 5)- The ability to compress water into a smaller space than normal; the compression factor is equal to her Water Affinity squared. The compressed water remains compressed until it leaves Iriesia's range of control or until she releases it- which can be done in different ways. Should she simply let the compressed water go freely, the result is essentially a "water bomb". Should Iriesia perform a more controlled release of the compressed water, she can instead direct streams of water in a desired direction and intensity. Unlike hydrokinesis, water compression cannot in any way affect water that is within another object (that means no crushing people because their bodies are made mostly of water).


    • Range: The limit of Iriesia's control, which is used for measuring ranges of some abilities is, in meters, equal to the number of points in the relevant stat(s) times 1.524 (in feet, it would be the number of points in the relevant stat(s) times 5). For instance, if an ability's range was the limit of Iriesia's control over fire and she had 8 points in fire, then the range of the ability would be 12.192 meters (40 feet). Any ability without an explicitly listed range does not have one.
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    Name: Brandy Amanda Wallace

    Age: 16

    Ethic Background: Asian/Australian mix.

    Appearance: 5'2", 104lbs, brown hair and blue eyes, wears glasses but plans on getting her eyes fixed when she gets old enough.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	whiteflameglasses-169.jpg 
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Size:	32.5 KB 
ID:	97147

    Bio: Was once close friends with Rivia, bit they grew apart after Rivia's powers manifested and became more evident, and Rivia grew more and more distant and hostile. She now considers herself Rivia's Number One Rival. Only one problem, she has no powers herself. Her determination won't accept this, and she has sworn to do whatever she needs to to become more powerful than Rivia. If only she could figure out what to do and how to do it.
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