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    Default Marvel variant covers

    hey guys. who here goes out of their way to collect variant covers.
    i tend to get them if they are around on wednesdays when they are new and i can pay cover price for them.
    however last night i was in a local chain called newburry comics thats in and around the boston area. i never buy my books here but i was in the place just killing time and i took a look at their book section and noticed new release variants already boarded and bagged and price marked at 9.99. one of them being a very cool variant of the new man-thing miniseries that i actually really wanted.

    so i guess the point of this post is who is a variant fiend and are you willing to shell out extra $ for them.
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    I'm definitely not a variant fiend, but I did buy several Moon Knight variants from 2006-2010; sometimes even doubles because I forgot I already owned them - Yikes!

    Here are a few of my favorites from that era.

    This is called the "bloody" variant for the obvious reasons:

    David Finch variant:

    Heroic Age variant:
    Marvel : Moon Knight, Savage Hulk (6/25), Original Sin (5/7)

    DC : Aquaman, Aquaman & the Others


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