So...with Marvel Now relaunching/renumbering a lot of their issue come this October, I find myself remembering how much of a big deal it was after Onslaught when Marvel first cancelled Thor, Avengers,Iron Man and Captain America Vol1. and replaced it with all new No#1 Vol2 from Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee.It was like an end of an era and it was rare and unthinkable. Nowaday it seems par for the course that most book with long runner keeps getting cancelled and relaunch with new No#1. Why, Captain America is on his 5th or 6th Volume now (He keeps this up and he'll overtake 90's Venom for the most #1 issues ever released and Venom's series was a bunch of mini-series.)

So this brings me to my question. Which renumbering/ relaunching to you was the best to you and which was the worst. I'll start and there can be multiples of each

Captain America Vol 5( Brubaker's run) I think previously, Captain America Vol 4 was focused too much on the Post Sept-11 series and real world terrorism and could almost technically be Captain America MAX, by relaunching it and signalling that Cap was going to be reintegrated into the Marvel U. again fighting Red Skull alongside his friends again, it really jumped at me to consider buying it and it was a wild ride.Cap Vol 5 was also technically Bucky's story from start to finish though without a proper ending (l he got disposed of in Fear itself and return to being Winter Solider there without an ending in the Cap book)

Daredevil (Mark Waid's current run). After all the crap Daredevil had been put through, and the mood of gloom and doom that Bendis, Brubaker and Diggle had permeated through who knows how many years of Matt's story. Mark Waid's new Vol was a breath of fresh air which makes me think that the relaunch was worth it since it's a clean break from whatever DD was.

Captain America Vol 6 (Current Run) While this one marks the return of Steve to the job, the direction seems to be weaker than Brubaker's previous run without the intrigue and build up and with it ending soon,this run seems very fillerish.

Avengers Vol 2 (Heroes Reborn) I was pretty much liking the Avengers before this (after they'd come out of the non-readable Crossing) and to see it being replaced by something Rob's team wrote was pure torture for the six issues his studio produced, the second half by Jim Lee's studio after Rob's team left tried to make something out of it but I think they made it even more unreadable. To this day, I still don't understand why there was two Thor? Oh and that Heroes Reunited things was pure crap, you know, the one where they did Back to the Future with Galactus.

Incredible Hulk (Current Run) Jason Aaron's Hulk story seems very finite and I sort of think that it might have been better if it was just a year long mini series since rebooting after 15 issues feels quite abrupt.The story is ok...but drags a little.