What if you can make you own AVENGERS team
post you dream AVENGERS TEAM

RED HULK (leader)
he super strong and good at leadin a team , and he will not hesitate from doing what it need to be done

Storm (leader assistant) AKA the good cop
if RED HULK go over the line someone with good Moral Values and good sense of leadership to do what it need to be done.

the team need humor and a killer, same time you doing what it need to be done leader need doing what it need to be done assassin

beast Hank McCoy
i need smart guy in the team, to make what ever need to be made to fill the holes in the plots of my story.

Each avenger Team need a god, and i like loki he smart and can use magic.

same time ill need mind reader

these is my team, it is big mess

so what you dream team