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    Default Spiderman trading cards

    Does anyon here collect them or did in the past? Are they even made anymore?

    These were some of my favorites:

    The image of Shocker here is prophetic considering Spider Island.

    This was the image than got me into comic books and superheroes as a whole:
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    I think I was a little old when the big super hero trading card craze hit, so I never really collected them. I do have a sealed box of every set of cards Marvel put out, but I bought them years afterward. And no, I don't think they still print them. Trading cards in general are kind of a thing of the past at this point. Card games and Heroclix pretty much took over that whole thing.
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    I collected the Fleer stuff like crazy.

    I have tons and tons, and also most from the 1st and 2nd movie's. After that, I kinda stopped collecting cards, the only I really collected were Spidey anyway and I could never find anymore where ever I went.

    Here's a good complete list of all of the 90s stuff and the 1st movie.


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