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    Default Tony Stark's Ultimate Plan For Super Humans Played Out In AVX

    Reading back on the Knauf's work around Civil War, it looks like Matt Fraction took a lot of those themes onto himself, to try to finish them off. The biggest one being Fear Itself, which the Knauf's (quoted in CW IM # 13). But things like Spymaster, FI, and "The first thing SH's think of is rushing in, and fighting", (which is also playing out in AVX).

    Tony Stark always wanted there to be a better way, without starting super human fights. "All of us miss the days when we could charge into a crisis, take down the bad guys and disappear into the night... Now we desperately seek an opportunity to regain a measure of the trust... from the people that no longer trust us".

    Osborn was one of those criminals in CSA cells (held by the TBolts in CW IM #14), but is Osborn still at large now? Obviously, Osborn's brain was fried and his body turned to sludge, but Osborn has incredible healing powers, and he can come back from death. Given the distractions of AVX, I can see that the holding cells and Hospital Wards guarded by SHIELD just may be a little looser than they'd ordinarily be. Maybe Osborn can restart his fight with Stark to compound these themes of damage of trust.

    The seeds the Knauf's sowed in the 6 part "Execute Program" and CW IM # 13 and 14, has made it all the way to AVX. Spymaster has already revealed himself in Stark Resilient, as well as the free energy vision and Asgardia, which are potent revisits to the Knauf's themes of regaining peoples trust with good works. I just wonder, what Stark's vision of the super hero community will finally be? Proactively trying to improve the world, instead of destruction alone? What if instead of just waiting to counter punch the threats, after they arrive, SH's intersperse the damage, with construction and rebuilding, (as Stark mentioned in FI IIM # 503 and FI #1)? Too long SH encounters have been equated with damage to the Public, but maybe it should also be equated with bringing SH technology into the modern world? Can it hurt?

    Stark took the first step with his new company, Stark Resilient. What should the next step be? I fully understand the Phoenix 5 are currently doing this on a large scale, so if anything, Stark would be the first one to agree with this new Pax Utopia action by the X-Men. It fits right into what Stark always wanted the Super Heroes to do. Now, we will see what bringing technological change, mankind wasn't meant for, is about to achieve. Will it be good, or will it be bad?
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