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    Quote Originally Posted by batGRRRl4ever View Post

    Who would be interested in seeing a Tiny Titans spin-off from issue #45 and have it be an ongoing called "Baby Batgirls"? It would star Barbara, Bette, Cass, and Stephanie. I think such a comic would be great way to unite the fanbases that have been so fractured over the years.
    Such a book sounds like tons of fun. I'd buy it.
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    I would buy that for my niece for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by net06 View Post
    I would buy that for my niece for sure.
    Depending on who wrote it and who was on the art (NOT LIEFELD! ), I'd buy at least the first issue for me.

    (As long as it's not called "Baby Batgirls" or "Best Batfriends Forever"!)
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    I'm doing my own webcomic that will be exactly this!

    A Batgirl cartoon show in the vein of Josie And The Pussycats/Johnny Quest meets Powerpuff Girls would be a goldmine for DC IMO and my main-plotline for my comic written out is supposed to turn out to be a tv show pitch.

    I will have a rotating artists (my style is too sketchy to do it all the art but I did that promo pic and did some sloppy coloring ) as an open collaborative effort (IF you wanna help message us on Tumblr! and check out our posts for style guide and character guidelines) but it will be a team comic that reinvents all the characters with a cleaner(ish) back story with zany retro 60's and 70's era cartoon/animation aesthetics (lots of Gatchaman and Cyborg 009 influences) along with PPG and Dexter's Lab influences.

    Tim will be their 16 year old tech guy for a 19 year old Babs, 18 year old Cass and a 17 year old Stephanie in this but he will not a cape. He will occasionally be called Redwing though as a codename. The canon is simplified and changed for this comic, Tim was Robin but then knocked into a coma for a bit. Babs for instance loses her legs in this and is in a wheelchair for TWO years and creates an AI computer named Oracle while she was not Batgirl and Stephanie Brown took up the mantle of Robin. Her crippling is not TKJ and is tied to the event that sent Tim into a brief coma as well as the disappearance or "death" of Jack Drake which becomes part of a planned arc. David Cain and Lady Shiva are married in my canon and are a squabbling couple (should be really fun).

    We see Barbara enlist both Cassandra and Stephanie as team Batgirl after Barbara notices a pattern about Killer Moth, the League of Assasins and Cluemaster all involved in smuggling "Ophelia" brand technology into Gotham. She following the pattern of "Big Bat" enlisting heroes around the world enlists the on-the-run Cassandra Cain and the recently reappeared Stephanie Brown (she too goes missing) hence Batgirl Inc. They then have to solve the mystery of an Organization called Orpheus.

    Huntress, Misfit and Flamebird work as operative of Batwoman as a rival faction/semi antagonistic that both assists and hinders the Batgirls.

    Helena B will also be the teacher at Stephanie Tim and Charlie's school and is a very extreme Italian teacher in this so should make for some fun school comics.

    Not as cute as say the Super BFF but not as serious as in regular canon, if you're a fan of the Batgirls you should really enjoy this and I really urge you to follow our tumblr!

    We will be posting both the comics there as well on a webcomic I guess template site. We're currently reblogging/posting inspiration and concept art from the artists currently involved.

    I really like a competant Barbara Gordon and the current Nu one just doesn't cut it her aversion or complete lack of technology doesn't rub me the right way; Barbara is brainy to the core.

    Also making Oracle an AI computer program and not Barbara herself I think would appeal to many not-Babs as Oracle fans too; though eventually she will "combine" and use Oracle to dive into the net as Morrison wanted Oracle to be able to do in INC.

    So yeah please bookmark our tumblr!


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