I finally got around to buying the Chronicle blu-ray.

It's a really bare-bones disc. There's hardly any extras, which is too bad. I love movies with a science-fiction/supernatural/fantasy twist and this movie had that. I would have liked some writer/director commentaries or a look at the origin of the movie.

The thing about this movie that made it so great was the message of the movie. Watch out for those time-bombs, because power corrupts. I thought this movie was so fantastically put together. Everything from expansive look of the movie, despite the low budget, the characters were so memorable and the action sequences put a lot of big budget movies to shame. Josh Trank and Max Landis made a great movie together. Josh Trank, especially, is someone to watch out for. I think he gets the importance of characters. I would love to see this guy on a X-Men movie, just because Chronicle really showed the dangers of having super powers without the control.